Thursday, May 10, 2012


I have been so wanting to make myself a necklace that I could use those pretty fabric flowers that we all love so much.  So today I finally got around to doing just that.  I stopped at Michael's Crafts and bought some black beads for only $1.99 and a roll of sheer black ribbon for .99.  I came home and in no time I had made myself a beautiful necklace. Here are some pictures of my necklace with different flowers on it.

If you are interested in making one for yourself here are the instructions.  Select any beads that you like and join them together.  Cut 2 long pieces of ribbon and tie the ribbon onto the beads (leaving the two strands of beads at different lengths).  On one side tie a matching bow where the ribbon is tied to the beads.  On the other side attach the flower of your choice.  I use flowers with pin backs on them so that I can use the pin closure to attach it to the necklace.  The flowers can also be worn by them self.  And there you have it..... A fast, easy and simple necklace to make.

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