Friday, May 18, 2012


Being an avid crafter I am always on the look out for fabulous finds. You know those things that inspire you and that you just simply can not resist. Recently while visiting my local Michael's Craft Store I found the BEST EVER tiny tinsel. It is that oh so fabulous tinsel that is so useful in crafting. What was unique about this tinsel was that it was on a spool with the most beautiful graphic of a cherub. I grabbed it and said this "mine"....

Well as I looked at it I realized there was no price on it and I wondered how much it might cost. I found all the other things I needed and off I went to the checkout. So I told the lady that I wanted this tinsel but it had no price on it. She checked with her manager and much to my surprise I got the entire roll for only $1.00. 

Now you know only a true crafter, collector, lover of all things beautiful would consider this a momentous event, right? Well that girl is me for sure. So my highlight of the week maybe even my month was a spool of beautiful tiny tinsel with a cherub graphic on both ends. Oh how happy I was......

So here is my spool of tinsel and my cherub..........

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