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As promised I am going to start posting my porcelain pieces and I have picked my cuspidor as my first piece to show. Now mind you I would never use this cuspidor for it's intended purpose, who would. I love it for it's feminine beauty. I wanted this particular piece for sometime and I was so happy to finally get one. What I love about it is that it looks like a little drawstring purse. Mine is painted on the outside with hints of light blue and the inside has beautiful delicate roses in pink hues. 

Draw String painted a beautiful 22K gold. 

Lovely and delicate pink roses on the inside. 

Isn't she gorgeous!


 Tressemann & Vogt. 1907-1919

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  1. I love ladies spittoons, I have a ton of them, and several drawstring ones. I have this one too. Love them!

  2. I, too, love collecting spittoons & cuspidors and have probably around close to 380-400 or so, collected over 40+ years. They are in all forms of art & cut glass, porcelain, china, several metal figural types and even a few "hidden" cuspidors in upholstered Victorian footstools. However, my true passion is collecting the delicate, colorful and definitely feminine ones such as this T & V type, of which I have four - but not this beautiful one!

    My book on the subject of spittoon & cuspidor collecting, an 8 year labor of love (and sometimes frustration!) will hopefully be out in the Fall of 2013, to be published by 'Collectors Publishing, Inc.'. I can always be found on eBay as "spittoonhound", agressively chasing down those elusive ladies spittoons!


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