Friday, May 11, 2012


I love Rachel Ashwell and her line of Shabby Chic items.  Some days I get in a sort of Shabby Chic state of mind.  I like to enjoy my Shabby Chic items and today I wanted to share a few things.  First is our bed all made up in Shabby Chic bedding by Rachel Ashwell.  I do not always make our bed and put all the pillows on it but today I felt the need to do just that. I was joking with my husband who is away for a week and I told him I thought I would make the bed and take a picture to prove it. So here is our bed all made up beautifully.

Now I am sure you might wonder about a husband and wife having such a feminine bed. Let me explain how this works. I love the look of our bedding however, my husband loves the comfort and feel of our bedding. All Rachel Ashwell bedding is made from 100% cotton. Here sheets are divine as well as her quilts. Her quilts are all very well made and are as close to Grandmother's handmade quilts as you can get. The bedding is comfortable and so fabulous to sleep in and that is how I get away with having my beautiful bedding.... 
and my husband is a manly man.....

I have not been paid or compensated to say any of this and it is my opinion only......

Next I was very surprised yesterday while visiting Michael's Craft Store.  I found a collection of Treasures Shabby Chic Stationary items.  I could not resist them so I brought home a journal, pencils, note cards and a pen.  I placed them in a vintage napkin holder that I had painted white years ago.  I have placed them on my vanity in our bedroom.  However, for the picture I placed them on top of our fireplace. AND here they are..... Aren't they lovely?

The stationary is actually a fabulous gift idea.  Make one for yourself and one for a gift.  It makes grabbing a piece of paper and pen or a note card easy when you are on the go....

For my last picture I wanted to share my Ikea chair and slipcover.  At one time Ikea offered their slipcovers in pink.  I am so glad that I bought them.  Ikea no longer carries them in pink so I am happy to have them for sure. 


  1. I have the same comforter cover. As of yet I havent used it because I cannot seem to get away from the white.
    Your wedding pics were very nice. My hubby is retired army. We miss the military.
    Many hugs, conny

  2. Thank you, you made me smile, our wedding was so long ago and when I look at our pictures I kind think who are those people? I was in college and our friends threw our wedding for us. I will never forget it.


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