Sunday, May 27, 2012


Vintage Spun Cotton

Today I was looking at some of my pictures and I stumbled across some of my vintage spun cotton ornaments.  These little jewels were made in Japan circa 1960's.  they are near and dear to my heart mostly because they remind me of my childhood.  Childhood memories can be the most precious of all memories. Seeing things from the 60's bring about all sorts of nostalgic thoughts and feelings. 

So I went back through my blog to see if I had posted any of my spun cotton treasures and I found that I had posted some things around the holidays.  However, I had left out some really cute things.  So today I wanted to share some of my spun cotton ornaments and such with you.

First I wanted to share my vintage snowmen and angels.

Here are my 2 little Snowbabies.

 I have a set of three large Angels that are mint in box. I just love these little angels.

 These are my vintage snowmen.  I added these to my little collection this past Christmas.  They were all I wanted for Christmas.
 What Girly Girl could resist this beautiful vintage PINK snowman?
 Last but not least my pink angels. I have a set of 8 of these.

Next Post will be more of my Limoges Collection....


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