Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Living With Pretties

I like to decorate and live with the things I love.  Sometimes, because things are fragile, things get broken and I am heart broken but I manage to accept it and move on. That is the price you pay for living with your pretties but I would not have it any other way.  I am very careful about things, for example I would never sit an expensive piece of Limoges out on a side table where it would get knocked over.  Other than that I live with the things I love all around me.  If I love something I will find a prefect place for it and there it will stay.  So today while cleaning our bedroom, I was thinking about some of the things we live with in our room.....   

My camera has been acting up and I wanted to test it out to make sure it was working well, so I decided to take a few pictures of some of my things in our room. I took a series of photos and most of them came out pretty well.  This post will mostly be pictures of the things I photographed today. Hope you enjoy!

First I wanted to share my Shabby table and chairs. I found this adorable set at my favorite little shopping place- Homestead Handcrafts in San Antonio, Texas.  I love all the scroll work on it. The background is our curtains that I bought a few years back. They go with all my Shabby Chic items so well. 

One day I am going to make cushions for my chairs. 

Next is my vintage blue velvet round pillow. 

The next pillow is one I made from my daughter's outfit from when they were very small. I so loved this outfit and I could not part with it. They actually had it in 2 different sizes and they both wore them.  Once they got bigger (babies do that you know) I made a pillow so that I could always remember them and how beautiful they were in this outfit. I think it makes a very nice heirloom type piece to pass down. I will follow with instructions on how I made the pillow. It is a very easy DIY pillow. 

Next is a Sadler pink tea set.  I absolutely love this little set.  Matter of fact I keep very few pieces of porcelain that are not Limoges and this is definitely a keeper.  It is the most yummy delicious color of pink ever. It is trimmed in gold and it has a very expensive feel to it.  It is just precious. It sits on my table and on a vintage mirror that I painted white. 

Here is my Candelabra from Target.  Target offered this piece a few years back and it is just so lovely. I believe it was sold in the Rachel Ashwell line of Shabby Chic products. It has glass holders for the candles and lots of crystals. I did change the crystals because it came with plastic ones and I could not have PLASTIC crystals.  Glass I will do but not plastic. 

Next are 2 of my Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic jars from the Target line.  I have several of each of these because they were so beautiful and I got them at a great price. 

Another Shabby Chic dish and a vintage shaker that has been re- purposed for powder. 

For my last picture today I wanted to share a vintage fan that I painted pink.  It is an oscillating fan and it still works however, because the fan is a little dangerous I very seldom turn it on.  Your fingers can fit through the fan and well you know, it would not end up very pretty. 

Hope you enjoyed my pictures of some of the things I love and live with everyday. 

Heirloom DIY Pillow

How to make the pillow

Now for the pillow made from my daughter's outfit.  You can make these from dresses or those one piece pant outfits that little girls wear.  That is what mine is made from.  I simply cut the bottom off and hemmed it.  Then I flipped the outfit right side out and stitched the sleeves and the neck closed. I used the back button opening to fill with stuffing and buttoned it.  That was all there was to it and I now have a beautiful pillow and sweet memories. 

My next post will be more of my Limoges Collection.....


  1. What a beautiful display of items you have! I love the cute little dress pillow best! :)

  2. Oh I just love that fan! Thanks for sharing. :)

    And great finding you on blog train.


  3. Oooooh, my favourite is the tea set


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