Friday, June 22, 2012


#18-20 Limoges and Instagram

OK so you must forgive me but I think this will be a learning experience.  I have decided that I am going to use my Instagram App that has been on my phone for a couple of months now. I am going to attempt to take some pictures of a few Limoges items to share with everyone.  I will update this post as I work on this new adventure. So for my first attempt here is a picture of 3 of my Limoges Candle Stick Holders. Please stay tuned for more.  

#18 Limoges Candle Stick with Handle.  

Marked William Guerin

#19 Limoges Candle Stick and/or lamp Column

This Limoges Candle Stick is very unique because although it can be used as a Candle Stick it is also fitted for wiring. It has a place on the bottom for an electric cord and it is hollow so you can put you fixture through it. I have never gotten around to making it into a lamp but it is my intention to do just that. It is beautifully hand painted. 

Marked Union Ceramique

#20 Limoges Candle Stick 

Marked  Bernardaud & Co. 

My beautiful Limoges Candle Sticks!

As it turned out I was not happy with Instagram and I have not used it since this photo shoot.  I am editing my photos with PicMonkey now and I love it. 

See you soon with more Limoges.


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