Tuesday, July 19, 2016



After three long months and a lot of hard work, we are finally home.   

Welcome to Tea Cottage Pretties!

Our home has really started to look like our home.  I am almost finished with my Tea Room, so I wanted to share a few photos.  I decided to use the pink Ikea sofa cover on my sofa and the white on my chair.  I draped my Catherine and William tea towel over the white chair.  The only new purchases are the blue ottoman, crown, and the pink wings.  

View coming down the stairs. 

Our formal living area flows into the dining area.  

I have my beautiful china cabinet back and all of my Limoges.  I lost one tiny lid to a sugar dish and one plate.  They simply are missing and I am hopeful that they will show up in the last few boxes that I have left.

The best thing about our new home is I have a loft to use as my craft room.  I have my painting easels, sewing area, and my keyboard set up in the loft.  I am so excited to get back to work on my crafting space but that is for another day.  

Thank you for visiting us in our new home.


Tea Cottage Pretties

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