Thursday, January 24, 2013


And May Your Blessings Be Many 
and Your Troubles Be Few 

Valentine's Day Shadow Box

Before I get started on my post.  I want to take a moment to thank each and everyone one of my followers. I am up to 79 beautiful followers now and I am delight. Thank you!

So my world is out of balance and falling apart. 

I have never liked when I hear someone complain all the time and I make an effort not to complain.  I try to stand up to whatever I am facing and do the best I can do.  That doesn't mean that there are not times when I sit down and have a good cry.  Not really because I am feeling sorry for myself but because for me it is a catharsis.  I do not like always having to be the strong one in any situation.  There are times when I want to hand it to someone else and let them handle it.  I have never tried to cover up the fact that it is always nice to let someone who loves you take care of something for you.  Matter of fact it is absolutely wonderful.  

This is not one of those times in my life.  My Eric is away and as always when he is away I am faced with more problems then I need.  This week alone the HVAC (heating and AC) system went out in the house, hot water heater went out, AC drain pipes got stopped up, June Bug was hit by a ball at school and broke her front tooth, fence outside had to be repaired (was getting nasty grams from the HOA threatening to fine us), weeds had to be killed in front yard (again HOA letters),  and well everything else in between all of this stuff.  I have had one of the most trying weeks I have had since Eric left.  I am tired, worn out, exhausted, and on top of that I have been sick all week.  I have made several attempts to get in to see my Doctor and every time I have not been able to see him.  You know accident at school with June's tooth, trying to get to dentist for her, no hot water, etc etc. etc.  

So tonight I was trying to see the good in all this and I thought well at least we have a home for things to go wrong and need fixing.  It isn't that I don't appreciate the good things in my life.  I always appreciate our blessings and all that we have as a family. Yet, somehow right now all I want is to be in a happier place.  I want to see my Eric and have him home at least for a few days and I want the house to stand still and stop breaking apart.  I just want a few days that are stress free and happy so that I can recuperate from all this craziness.  

So instead I am writing this post as a way to find some release from all that is going on in my world.  Life can be tough at times and it can also be amazing and wonderful.  Our blessings are many and I am trying so hard to focus on them all and appreciate them.  So it is my hope that tomorrow the sun will be a little brighter and life will look a little better.  For tonight I am tired and sad and overwhelmed and I just need a hug from my Eric.  

Perhaps my world will go back into balance once 
my Eric is home. 

And may your blessing be many and troubles be few.  

Before my world fell out of balance and then fell apart, I manage to decorate for Valentine's Day.  Above is a picture of my Valentine Box I made.  I used vintage cupcake picks and all sorts of things to make this shadow box.  And of course their names are Eric and Beverly.  

Just in case I don't get to post before Valentine's Day, you know world out of balance and falling part, Happy Valentine's Day. 

This is another shadow box I made. 
 This one does not have as much detail but it is still so sweet.  

And here is a sweet bracelet that is perfect for
 Valentine's Day

See you all very soon.....

Tea Cottage Pretties


  1. Oh Beverly, I wish I could reach out and give you a great big hug!!! I've been where you are, trying to fill both sets of shoe and take care of all the household things too, but just remember you only have to work on one thing at a time. Not everything at once. One day at a time. Pick up the phone and feel free to ask someone for help!! You truly need to pass on a project or two to others. If I could I would take care of it for you!
    Here is another thought. Just because you have to manage all of the household, don't forget to put in some time for yourself! Stop and rest for a bit, have a hot cup of tea, and cry all you need.
    I personally think crying is healthy for us! Get a nice soaky hot bath too. Just pamper need it!
    I hope your Eric can get home soon. Back twenty years ago there was no email and skype and letters took count those blessings!!!
    I'll be praying for you sweetie. Lots of hugs,

  2. First off Bev, I have to tell you when I first came by here I thought to myself "That's a shadow box!!", I love shadow boxes. You are so creative my friend.
    Now as for the serious part. I am a truck drivers wife which basically means that I am a single parent and have to take care of everything while he is gone (He's only home one day a week). Yeah, it can be very, very overwhelming.
    My advice to you is, take deep breath. Remember that others count on you. FOCUS on "ONE" thing at a time. At the end of the day, say your prayers and get a good nights sleep because tomorrow may be worse than yesterday.
    And always, always remember, God has your back and you can do almost anything with a little help from your friends. Love Di ♥

  3. Thank you Doni and Di, things are better today. I kind of took the day off and did nothing that resembled work of any kind. :) I needed that I am feeling better. Pinterest can be quite relaxing. Hugs


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