Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I have really develop a love for needle felting and I was inspired to make this pretty cat. My DD has a little cat that looks something like this one which was my inspiration. I love her vintage binding ribbon. She is standing on a vintage kitty cat noise maker. It is one of those that you turn upside down and then flip it back up and it makes a sound. It is adorable. Also in the picture is a little kitty that I purchased at Hobby Lobby and then I dressed it up in a vintage pink plastic hat and ribbons and a flower. She turned out cute. She was also my inspiration to make a cat. Both of the kitty cats belong to my vintage Nancy Ann dolls.
If you are interested in buying the noisy maker I got it off Etsy. The shop is called dollsandlace. I hope the nice lady there won't mind my sharing. She also has lots of other cool kitschy items. Click here to see her shop

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  1. Hey sis,I like the pink cat.However i would love it if,it was black with a white small belly button.(LOVE SQUIRREL) P.


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