Sunday, August 5, 2012


Crafting: DIY Crowns and Bracelet Display Stand. 

DIY Crowns

This weekend I decided to do some crafting. I started with making crowns for me and my two DDs. We bought some WIDE crochet trim and we cut it to size and stitched it together on the sewing machine.  Next we used fabric stiffener and placed the crowns on a round laminated poster so that they would dry and stay shaped.  Once the front was dry enough I pealed them off and let stand to dry the inside (the backside would not dry well while sitting on laminate).  The next day we each picked our paint out and we painted them with a brush. I used regular Folk Art paint and had no problems with it at all, they came out fabulous. We then picked our glitter color and we added glitter.  Then we went through all my crafting supplies and picked out the things we loved to go on our crowns.  I hot glued our decorations to our crowns and we were done. They came out really cute. These are great for parties, pretend play and or decoration. 

Here is our resident model showing off each crown. 

Now my beautiful DDs love their crowns but I must say we made a BIG mess and it took awhile to clean it up.  I of course ended up doing most of the work.  I guess that is how it is for Moms everywhere.  The mess can always be cleaned up in a few minutes but the memories will last a lifetime.   Today my little girls are Princesses and  I love my Princesses so very much. And of course I am the BIG Princess in charge. 

On to something special for me. 

DIY Bracelet Stand 
from Store Bought Stand

My second project was to recover a store bought bracelet stand and make it my very own.  I started by figuring out how to take it apart. As it turned out it was stapled and was pretty easy to pull apart.  I then pulled all the black velvet type stuff off of it and cleaned each piece up.  I covered the pieces with white felt and then cut and covered with my fabric.  I used the fabric I pulled off the stand to cut what I needed from the new fabric.  I hot glued the new fabric back on making sure to fold the ends over. I then put the stand back together but I used nails in the bottom and glue.  then to hide the seams I added pink sequins and pretty decorations to include a bow, flower and a crystal.  I think it turned out just darling.....

I love how this turned out it goes perfectly with my decor. 

This is truly my aesthetic.

From crating to cleaning our closets and moving furniture to relaxing in the bathtub. 

I was able to get so much done today because my hubby cooked dinner for us today.  He made enchiladas and Spanish rice. It was the best dinner ever. 

My tip for today.  Do you have a beautiful vintage tea pot that you love? 

 Put your bath salts in it and then pour through spout for a nice long bath. 
It makes a lovely display and is quite useful!

The Tea Pot is a vintage Sadler pot.  It has sweet pink roses in it. 

The problem was I needed a container for my bath salt.  
We are cleaning out all our closets and rearranging some furniture and stuff. 
This usually leads to me rethinking how I use things in our home. 
Add all this together and you get bath salt in a tea pot. 

Also in this picture Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Candle Holders. 

I got them from Target years ago. Each one opens with one side being a door that latches. 
I tried to capture the flicker of the candles for you. 

The table is actually a vintage typing table (metal) that I painted and then hand painted pink roses on it. I love it so much I was never able to sell it. In the sugar shaker is my powder and the glass apothecary has my epsom salt. 

It was hard to capture an image for you of the bath salt coming out of the spout while holding the camera and all but at least you can get the idea.  

From all the Princesses here at Tea Cottage Pretties - 

have a great week and we will see ya soon. 


Tea Cottage Pretties


  1. Oh Beverly what fun and what a splendid job you did! I love the bracelet holder, especially that fabric. I love flowered fabric!
    Love Di ♥

  2. Thank you ever so kindly Di! I visited your blog today. Hope you are doing well. Hugs

  3. I think I might have a go at making one of those crowns :)

  4. So adorable. Love it all. My little Princess would love one of those Crowns. and the Bracelet stand LOVE IT
    You are so crafty. How Fun for your girls. I am going to give those 2 crafts a try.



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