Sunday, August 11, 2013


Once Upon A Paperdoll

I simply adore vintage paperdolls and some of my most precious childhood memories are of the paperdolls I played with as a child.   I loved those little scraps of paper printed in beautiful colors and all the beautiful outfits that came with my paperdolls.  My paperdolls could do anything and they always had the right outfit for any occasion.  As an adult I still love paperdolls and I actually do have a few sets to this day.  I love to be surrounded by the things in life that bring a smile to my face and bring back those precious memories of days gone by.  

I was thinking that I needed something to put my vintage brooches on, a way to display them.  Then I thought about a vintage paperdoll printed on fabric and sewn like a tiny pillow.  I have a crown brooch that I thought would look adorable on a pretty paperdoll.  So then I realized exactly what I wanted to do.  

Do you remember my jewelry box I made a few months ago? 

See original post about my upcycled nightstand 
turned  Jewelry Box  

And inside the little fabric pillows I made for bracelets and rings. These were made by printing vintage perfume labels on to fabric and then sewing them to make the perfect place for my bracelets and rings. 
With this thought in mind I needed something for my vintage brooches.  

Here is the pillow I made for bracelets. 

And here is the pillow I made for rings. 

So I first printed out my paperdoll image onto printer fabric,  then cut her out and her dresses.  I placed her on canvas fabric and put two layers of batting and then another piece of canvas fabric.  I stitched around her using a zigzag stitch and then I added a vintage blue binding ribbon to her.  I can tie her little dresses on her using the ribbon. 

Now you could add any embellishments to her that you might want and she is a perfect little doll to play with and any little girl would love her....

Pink Dress

Yellow Dress

But this big girl wanted to use her to hold vintage brooches. 

Doesn't she look so cute wearing my vintage seed pearl crown brooch...

This is a great idea to make for the little girl(s) in your life or for yourself.  

And finally she is home inside my jewelry box.....

I am very pleased with my Little Miss Alice....

See you next time
Tea Cottage Pretties

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  1. Beverly, I LOVE the end table turned into a jewelry box. It is gorgeous and the paper doll? Genius. You are featured tonight on the new linky and your doll is PINNED. Blessings, Linda

  2. Sweet Beverly, these are so, so enchantingly darling! I was just thinking about the paper dolls of my own youth earlier day - what delightful timing then to see your beautiful post and incredibly lovely creations featuring them.

    Tons of gentle hugs,
    <3 Jessica

  3. Well if that's not the cutest thing I've ever seen!! Beverly, you are amazing! Everybody is going to making those cute paper dolls now and I think you've started a new fad! Love your great ideas!

  4. Hi dear,
    just stopped by to check the "till we meet again" timeline!
    I know you are counting hours until your husband gets home.

    Those little dolls are cute as a button! And such a good idea for them to use as brooch holders. Makes me want to make a set too! You create such fun things!

    Hugs and happy weekend


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