Thursday, October 2, 2014


Ugly Cabinet Knobs Turned Fabulous!

Cheap, Easy and Totally Reversible..

Perfect for renters...


We are finally settling down in our new home in Korea and as always what fun I am having making our new place home.  Although I like some modern things, I am not particularly drawn to the modern look.  I prefer the vintage cottage look and of course I love lace and soft colors.  As of late, I have taken a liking to the Paris look using vintage Paris images and words.  I am finding the Paris theme on many new items and I even found a Paris themed Duck Tape.  Looking at our kitchen cabinets, I was not feeling them at all.  They were square and very modern looking.  

Sooooooooooo after some thought, I had a light bulb moment and I thought hey we have that Paris Duck Tape. 


Not so perfect Cabinet Knobs


I simply taped each little scene onto the knobs and cut them around the edges with an knife.  

When we get ready to move I can pull them off and return the knobs to their former condition. 

In this corner is our Coffee, Tea and Soda Stream Station. 

I love the little girl walking her poodle. 

I also added fabric and trim to the glass cabinets where I displayed my Laura Ashley Petite Fleur China.

I used a French Script Fabric and some crochet trim.  I took the shelves out and used dabs of hot glue to hold the fabric firmly in place.  I added the trim using hot glue as well.  When we are ready to move I can pull it all down.  

I have more things to share in the future, please come back and visit soon....

Eric and I on The Riverwalk In June

Our new addition to the family...

Bella our Yorkie!

Bella was born on July 6, 2014 and she came home with us on 27 September 2014.  She is a teacup Yorkie and should weigh around 4 pounds when she is fully grown.  We all just love her to pieces. 

See you soon,

Tea Cottage Pretties


  1. What a genius idea, I love the new duct tape, but had never seen this pattern. Gotta find me some!!!
    Looks great, your new baby is ADORABLE! Wish I could smell that sweet puppy breath, ...ummm!

    1. Isn't it adorable. My daughter actually found it Wal-Mart. They still had it when we left the States in June. It is super cute. Hope you are doing well. Hugs, Beverly

  2. Great idea Beverly !
    I love your new puppy. So sweet !!

    Hugs, Wilma.

    1. Hello Wilma, hope you are doing well. I stopped by your blog and oh my my.... I was swooning over your perfectly beautiful journal. You are so very talented. Hugs, Beverly

  3. Great new look and easy to change again. I especially love that duck tape - how have I missed that one? Need to find it now;)

    1. Cheryl, my daughter and I found it at Wal-Mart and when we left the states in July they still had it. It is adorable. Hugs, Beverly


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