Tuesday, August 12, 2008


My Holiday Reindeer

Here sit my reindeer looking so beautiful and sweet with their innocent eyes and tilted heads. They are beautiful vintage white porcelain smooth as silk. They have a story to tell and somehow they speak to me.  I imagine the person that cast them and held them in their hands as they examined their creation.  I imagine the paintbrush that was used to glaze them and skillfully paint their eyes giving them a personality. Once the reindeer were finished, I imagine they must have been so proud of their sweet creation.  These sweet reindeer have been somewhere for all these years and someone has surely loved them. They are a part of another families memories and now they will a part of mine. It is my time to display them with my Christmas decor and to include them in the memories of my family.  One day my children will see something that will remind them of my reindeer and the Christmas memories will come flooding back to  them.  One day the sweet reindeer will move on and maybe become a part of the memories of another who has yet to love them.    

 I found these cuties in one of my favorite thrift shops.  They are from the 80's and these happen to be planters. They were a lovely shade of white but I wanted to make them extra special.  So I added touches of pink and pink glitter to their antlers, tails and hooves. Then I added pink and white Christmas decorations inside the planters and pink bows, flowers and crystals around their neck.  I love how they turned out so sweet and pretty.  They sit proudly on my foyer entry table waiting for Christmas morning. 

See you soon,

Tea Cottage Pretties

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