Tuesday, August 19, 2008


My Guest Bedroom

We have a very small extra bedroom and I decided to turn it into a guest bedroom.   I wanted to use this fabulous antique bed that I found at a local thrift store for only $50.00.  I could not believe my luck when I found it.   When I purchased it I had no idea what I was going to do with it but like all things that I love I knew I would fit it into my life.  

So I had tons of beautiful vintage items that I have collected from thrift shops and the like.   I got them all together and thought about what I wanted for my quest bedroom.   I started by painting the walls white and then I decided to add the pink stripes.   I loved it even though it was a lot of hard work.  With the walls painted I moved the bed in and started decorating. 

I had the beautiful chandelier and I decided to paint it white.  I cleaned it, painted it, rewired it and hung it all by myself.  I used the original crystals after cleaning them up and I added more for that extra sparkle.  I just love it!

(Sorry this is not the best photo but at least you can get the idea)

Next I added the store wine rack display. I had picked this up for a few dollars and I painted it white and painted pink roses on it.  Then I added tulle and bows and crystals.  I loaded it with tons of pretty shabby chic items and vintage finds.   I thought it was the PERFECT display.  

I added the bedding which I had in my linen closet. I love Rachel Ashwell's bedding and I keep tons of it on hand. I can't seem to part with any of my linens from the Shabby Chic line.  Then I realized I did not have any kind of window treatment to go with the bedding but I had fabric.  So I made valances that can be reversed.  I added ribbon at the tops to tie into bows.  Then I thought about how to hang them and I realized that they would be perfect on glass knobs.  I had a draw full of glass knobs.  I put the glass knobs up and tied the ribbons on to them and just like that I had the perfect window treatment. 

After I finished all of this I wanted something different and I decided to paint a bird bath on the closet door with birds and roses all around (see first photo).   I loved how that turned out especially since this was my first ever such painting or a mural.   

I found a little wooden half table and  I also painted it with blues and pinks and roses.  I placed my vintage pink (I painted it pink) fan on my table and added some crystals below. then I added my fabulous white iron table and chairs.  Last I added the white table beside the bed which was a $3.00 find. It needed some repair and of course white paint but it turned out to be a keeper. 

Hung mirrors, a shelf, and added other vintage finds like my vintage fireplace insert which cost me $1.00 plus paint. Oh and a sweet little birdbath and a pink tree. Finally after having tons of fun decorating this sweet bedroom I was finished and I now call this MY little BEDROOM.  Well I might let someone spend the night here but secretly it is my bedroom. I love going here to escape and relax. 

I am happy with our Guest Room and I can't wait to have my Mother-In-Law over to stay. 


Tea Cottage Pretties

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  1. OMG, your rooms are so beautiful, I adore them ! this is the way my house looks like in my dreams !


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