Monday, August 11, 2008


My Paper Christmas Houses

For one of my first postings I thought I would share some pictures of my paper houses and churches I made last year for the Holiday Season. I have sweet Christmas memories of the little putz houses from my childhood.  My Mom would place them on our tree and on the fireplace mantel. Our fireplace happen to be one of those cardboard fireplaces with the spinning light.  I use to sit and watch the fire flicker and it always made me feel warm and cozy. 

When I found these cardboard houses they were plain and lackluster.  So I brought them home and painted them a beautiful white and added touches of pink and blue. I added sugar glitter to give them that extra sparkle. I then added beads and bows and tiny bottle brush trees.   These beautiful little houses and churches are now ready to be displayed on my vintage fireplace mantel and I think they are perfect. 


  1. Very nice. Where did you find the houses?

  2. I found the houses at Wal-Mart back in 2008. they were very plain when I found them and I painted and decorated them. Look for them at Target and Hobby Lobby during the Holidays.


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