Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Here are my new bottle brush trees. I found these on clearance and I had to pick them up. I have three and they are all different sizes. The tallest one is about 14" tall I think. They each have a vintage putz styled paper house as a stand. My DD said that they were weird - who puts a tree on their house? teehee I had to laugh so I told her that the houses were stands and she say oh okay. I think she still thinks it is weird but I love them. Somehow somewhere along the way I have collected quite a few bottle brush trees. I just love them and I have a hard time passing them up.
 This is not the best picture but at least you can get the idea. The smallest one has a pink house, the middle sized one has a blue and the large one has a white house. Toooooooo cute!

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