Saturday, February 13, 2010


Vintage Bottle Brush Wreath 

Just a short time ago, I posted pictures of my new vintage pink Harold Gale Santa and I said that I hoped to find a pink bottle brush wreath to go with him.  Well I did find one recently and here are some pictures of it.  It is a beautiful wreath but I must say it was not so beautiful when it arrived.  Although it was in great shape it was extremely dirty.  Matter of fact it did not even look pink.  The flocking was almost brown and the wreath looked like a dirty tan color.  Anyway, I cleaned it up but unfortunately the flocking could not be saved.  It was terrible.  So I re-flocked it and gave it new mica . I think it turned out lovely.  I do plan to do more work on the flocking at a later date.  Here is my wreath with my pink Santa. 

Here is my wreath hanging on a vintage bird cage stand.     I think I will keep this beauty out all year round. 

And I am one happy girl,


Tea Cottage Pretties

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  1. I love vintage bottle brush wreaths, you are so lucky!


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