Sunday, February 23, 2014


Taking Tiffany For An Outing 

This past weekend my Tiffany and I decided it was time for an outing.  I am just getting over a bad Fibro flare up so it was time to have some fun.   We got dressed and headed out. Check out my sweet Tiffany and yes she wore the gloves.  Gotta love this girl!!!

We went to our favorite places.  I headed to Homestead Handcrafts and we found a really old book for Tiffany and I got a few things as well.  I found some nice hankies for $1.60 each, I love hankies. I also found this awesome old chest.  

Isn't it lovely...

You will probably be seeing my new chest in future post because it is a great piece for photo shoots. 

Next we headed to our favorite thrift shop.  However, when we got there the shop was gone.  Thanks to our trusty smart phones Tiffany looked them up and we called them and got directions.  We found them about 3 miles down the road and we were super excited.  The neat thing about this particular thrift shop is that they carry vintage items and clothing.  They have the nicest stuff. 

So we headed straight to the vintage clothing.  There were lots of pretty things but we did not find anything we loved in our size except I found a fabulous long winter coat.  I will need a coat in Korea, so I thought why not.  It is a J. Percy for Marvin Richards Lamb's Wool Coat With Fox Fur.  Now I am not a fur kind of girl usually but I figured this fur was on this coat rather I buy it or not and it is a thrift shop item.  So I tired it on and fell in love.  Here I am in my new coat.  We had been out for hours so I was a little tired looking. 

The back of the coat. 

While Tiffany and I were out on the town my June Bug was home working on her art.  June does her art on the iPad using all sorts of graphics programs.  She wants to be a computer graphics animator when she grows up.  Here is what she created, isn't it adorable!

The best part was that we had a fabulous day and my Eric took us all out to eat after Tiffany and I got back home. Our day could not have been any better.  I so love being married with children.  I am a very happy wife and mom......

See you in about two days when I will be posting my 
Beverly Handbag Tutorial.  


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  1. Lovely family time :). Spending time with children is always a beautiful experience. Both of you look pretty, but I can understand the tiredness of shopping :)

    1. Thank you very much Sarah, we had a blast. It was just a long day and I was a little worse for wear so I felt my photo was not perfect. I was so excited about my new coat that I had to take a photo. Thank you for visiting. Hugs, Beverly

  2. Hi Beverly!! What a great time! I love Tiffany's dress and gloves...and her class ring over the glove! Love that! The sweet chest is a perfect prop and I cant wait to see how you use it. I LOVE the coat! It looks fab on you! I am so glad you got it. And tell June she is a great artist! You have an awesome family!

    1. Thank you Doni, so glad you stopped by for a visit. We had a ball out being girls. The chest is fabulous and I am tickled with it. I will email you soon. Hugs, Beverly

  3. Beverly,
    Both you and Tiffany look fantastic!! Love the way Tiffany looked and I adore her dress and your stunning new coat!!
    Thanks for all your visits!! I am playing catch up!!


    1. Tahnk you Debbie, hope you are having a fabulous week. I knwo I have to play catch up all the time. Hugs, Beverly


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