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Sharing My Valentine's Day Goodies and 2 Antique Cards

Sharing My Valentine's Day Goodies and 2 Antique Cards

I absolutely love Valentine's Day.   It is a time set aside to recognize the love in your life and and to tell them how much you love them.  It doesn't have to be an expensive piece of jewelry or anything that cost really.  It can be a things like a coupon book made by you, a card or just a lovely love letter to express your love for that special somebody.  

Now the lover of all things beautiful in me enjoys all the PRETTIES.  I love all the colors of Valentine's Day and the sweet items that you find on the shelves in the store.  I love the beautiful cards and the hearts filled with candy.  So I want to share with you some of my Valentine's Day Pretties. 

First this is my cupcake kit in a large cupcake tin, isn't it fabulous.  I would have bought this tin even without the cupcake kit inside because I just love the tin. Okay I love most tins but this one is awesome and it is super big. 

My candy heart filled with Chocolate by Harry London and my round box of  peanut butter covered with chocolate also by Harry London.  I love these boxes and I will of course be keeping them after Valentine's Day.  I do not eat large amounts of candy or chocolates but I can nibble on them and I have found a box of candy is the best way to have a small piece of goodness. 

Although one Friday my husband brought me home this......

That is Krispy Kreme donuts in pink Valentine's Day boxes and they came with 24 Valentine's Day cards to give away.  Each card is good for one free donut of your choice. 

I also found the cutest tea tray that I just could not pass up.  I am totally loving this tea tray.  My friend Jessica pointed out to me the word play here... 

And it just so happens we had cups to match for me and Tiffany.  

I have two antique Valentine's Day cards. 
Note: These cards were published prior to 1921 and there is no copyright marked on them.  I wanted to share them with my  blogger friends so here goes. 

First is a sweet little girl with a tongue that sticks out and says "I Love You"!

Simply print her out, cut her out and put her together.  You will need to make a small slit in her mouth line and around the tongue, to put the tongue through her mouth.  Then punch the bow forward on the card.  The you simply move the bow up and down to make her tongue stick out.  I think she is adorable. 

Next we have a sweet little girl playing the piano. With this little girl just cut her out and cut around her shoes and socks leaving the top attached and fold them out.  Cut the slits for her arms and feet and push them through.  They will fold back so they are sticking out the front of the card.  Pull tab and watch her play.  

Hope you enjoy the cards. 

Here I am dressed up for Valentine's Day!

With my new tea tray!

My Eric and I out on a day trip!

Happy Valentine's Day,

Tea Cottage Pretties


  1. Just gorgeous!!! You, your gifts and the 1921 cards!! :) I think I missed many of your pretty posts, so off to read them :) Happy valentine's day to you too dear Beverly :)

    1. Awwww thank you!!!! I just love the colors of Valentine's Day goodies. Happy Valentine's Day to you. Hugs, Beverly


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