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Vintage Crochet Plus Inspiration Equals A Handbag

Note: Tutorial Coming Soon

I visited one of my favorite spots last week and I found this beautiful old crochet doily.  I was holding it and I saw a handbag, so there was my inspiration for my next project. 

NOTE: Tutorial Coming Soon!!!

I stitched a backing on the doily so that I could make a pocket out of it and I then started working on my collage.  I did not have a plan I just started adding things that I had on hand.  I also decided to use some graphics from
The Graphics Fairy.  

I also made a smaller collage for the back of the handbag. 

Then I went to work on the handbag.  I started by making a simple rectangular bag and added handles. 

Inside I made a zipper compartment and pockets. 

Then I went to work on the bag to shape it.  I gave it a bottom by mitering the corners.  I made the handles round by stitching the sides together.  I also gave it a cute shape by putting some pleats on the sides.  I then added all sorts of bows, ribbons and glass buttons.  

Enjoy the photos


Some of the details



Vintage Glass Buttons

Rhinestone Crown

Images Used

All images are from The Graphics Fairy.  Please do not save them from my blog.  Click on each one and it will take you to the link at The Graphics Fairy.  

I added Eric and Beverly to this card. 

I added Beverly to this card. 

When I finished with my new handbag I took it out for it's first of many outings.  We went to Hobby Lobby and WOW did my bag ever get a lot of attention.  Quite a few people had to stop and talk to me about it. I think I made a pretty awesome Lace Collage Handbag.....

Featured On

The Graphics Fairy

Thank you ever so kindly Karen!

I wanted to share a few of my other finds from the day I found the crochet doily.  

I found a fabulous vintage ladies hat. 

A lovely vintage brooch

And while at Hobby Lobby, I found these lovelies...

  A beautiful pillow, caddy and music box. 

The music box. 


Such a lovely music box. 

I had so much fun designing and making my new handbag.  I did not use a pattern nor did I start with a plan.  I love when I can just let my creativity flow freely and when the end results turns out like this, I am a happy girl.  

Hope everyone had a beautiful Valentine's Day.  Thank you each and everyone of you for visiting my blog and sharing with me.  My friends in blogland are the best.  Thank you and welcome to all my new followers.  I a tickled pink to have you along for my journey. 


Tea Cottage Pretties


  1. LOVE the bag and I actually have 3 of those heart shaped doilies!! Thanks for the inspiration!! And I adore the things that you bought at hobby Lobby!! Just my style!!


    1. Hello Debbie and thank you so much for stopping by to visit. I had a ball making my new handbag. I am off to visit you. Hugs, Beverly

  2. Beverly,
    This is just GORGEOUS!!!! Loved each detail you've added and your collection from hobby lobby is just amazing! I too love those cuties :). Thanks for your sweet visit to my blog too :)

    1. Thank you so very much for visiting and for your lovely comment. I have taken my bag out a couple of times now and folks just come up and start talking to me about it. It makes me feels o good. I am so very glad I made it. Hobby Lobby does have some beautiful stuff. They just got their Spring stuff in and WOW, I had to pull myself out of there. Hugs, Beverly

  3. Wow, the detail on this bag is beautiful, you added just the right amount, without it being too much. Lovely.

    1. Julia, thank yo so very much. I am loving this bag and I have plans to make another one. I hope to share the instructions with the next one. It is quite simple to make this bag and I have found it very comfortable to carry. Thank you for your visit and your sweet comment. Do come back to see me, Beverly

  4. That hat is such a timelessly pretty gem! And it's so you! (And me! :)). I swear, had I been out and about or shopping online and seen it, I would have thought instantly of you, my sweet friend, and soft, feminine palette you fill your home, amazing creations, and wardrobe with. I hope you two enjoy countless lovely - and very stylish - years together.

    Gentle hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Dearest Jessica, I so thought of you when I first saw this hat. It is just so darling. I know you would wear it but I am using in my pink living room for display. It is such a precious hat and in fabulous condition. I could not pass it up. I paid $7.00 USD for it and I thought that was a very low price for it. Just so sweet. Gentle hugs, Beverly

      Hope you and Tony are doing well. Much health to you my friend.

  5. Wow, creativity was flowing at it's best when you created this bag. I love all of the fabulous details! Great finds too! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

    1. Hello Jann, thank you so much for stopping by and for your very nice comment!!! I love your blog and it makes me smile when I visit you. I am so glad we met. Hugs, Beverly

  6. This is such a beautiful bag. I absolutely love. I love everything vintage. You did an amazing job putting this all together. I would love to be able to create something this beautiful.

    1. Hello Angel and what a beautiful name you have, it is so nice to meet you. Thank you for your kind comment and for the visit. I had a ball making this bag and I plan to make another one and include instructions. Should be fun!!! Hugs, Beverly

  7. So beautiful and unique bag! I love it. Amazing finds especially the ladies hats. Thanks for sharing this.
    Have a fabulous rest of week!
    Hugs from Portugal,
    Ana Love Craft

    1. Hello Ana and thank you so very kindly. I had so much fun making this bag. I am going to post a tutorial soon for the bag itself. Hugs to you, Beverly

  8. Beverly, oh wow. That purse is gorgeous!!! I LOVE that doily and the pinks!!! It's so pretty! I was just eating up all those pictures! Now, I'm sorry I haven't been by sooner! I thought I was caught up, then lo and behold, I've missed this post!!!!
    And that jewelry box is lovely. I love that sentiment!! And that pink hat!!! Oh I WISH we wore hats like that again. I remember vaguely my grandmother wearing a hat...and that was almost 50 years ago. I have a few similar, but she was the one I remember wearing a hat. Those days need to come back!!!!
    Thank you so much for sharing your pretties with us for my party. I'm late as usual!!

  9. Lovely handbag. I like how it evolved - that's true creativity!

    1. Awww thank you so very much. It was awesome fun making this bag and I was tickled pink with how it came together. Hugs, Beverly


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