Sunday, November 25, 2012


Vintage Apron
Decorating for Christmas

Today while I was working on decorating my living room for Christmas, I happened upon a pretty vintage apron of mine.  I love this little beauty although I am have my doubts that is would really serve any purpose in the kitchen aside from looking really pretty.  I love the little pocket with the lace trim.  It was by no means an expensive apron but to me it is so beautiful, I think I pick it up for about $2.00.  I folded it and took a few pictures to share and when I was done I left it laying on the chair because it just looked so pretty there. 

I am making progress with my decorating and I am almost finished inside. Here are a couple photos of my living room. 

A nice black and white

And finally one with the lights out except for the tree and decorations.  

and one collage of some of my favorite ornaments.

This coming up week I hope to get the outside decorating done.  I will post more photos soon so be sure to come back and visit.  I am also going to share some beautiful vintage coasters that I have with lovely ladies on them. 

      See you soon and Happy Decorating Everyone!!!!!

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