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Decorating For The Holidays - A Few Of My Favorite Things. 

I so love decorating and with the Holiday Season just around the corner I felt it was time to get started.   The hardest part is always dragging out all those boxes.  However, once I have them out and I open them up one at a time, it is like opening a treasure chest full of wonderful and delightful treasures.   Not only are my decorations precious treasures of memories past but also treasure from vintage days gone by.  My Holiday decorations are no different from all the things I love.  Many of them are vintage and speak to me of those days gone by from long long ago when I was a child myself.  For me this is really the best part of the Holidays.  

I am not really much into having to spend money on gifts for people that I never know what I am suppose to give them anyway and that no one can really afford anyway.  I am more into the feelings of goodwill, being with family and friends, sharing food and laughs and of course remembering why we celebrate in the first place.  Now of course I love seeing my children have a great Christmas.  What mom would not love the smiles on their children's faces.  Like my memories I want my girls to have beautiful memories as well. 

So while I was pulling out all those boxes and opening them up, I thought why don't I share some of my goodies with others, after all the Holidays are about sharing.  Just as I have opened these boxes year after year, I have shared some of them before here on my blog.  I still thought you may enjoy looking at them with me again. Somehow each year they become more precious to me.  So enjoy and please come back as I add more pictures while I decorate with a few of my favorite things.  

I have these beautiful vintage angel ornaments.  I was lucky to find these beauties in near mint condition and still in their original box.  I always smile when I pull them out of their special hiding place.  

Here they are tucked away in their very own box.

 The label on their box. 

This is my Christmas Nativity Scene.  These are very precious to me and they have a prominent spot in my formal living room. 

Awwww sweet vintage angles mint of card.
 Does anyone remember these from, well back in the day?

 My pink vintage snowman. I so love vintage spun cotton.  I remember these from when I was a tiny little girl.  Isn't it funny how these inexpensive little decorations that were made in Japan somehow seem so precious now?

 Oh yes my pink snowman and a pink angel. 
Yes, I am dreaming of a pink Christmas. 

 Here are a few shots of my Christmas Village. 

Sweet little house painted and decorated by me.

Sweet church painted and decorated by me as well.

 Finally tonight I wanted to share my sweet pink feather angel. I just love her to pieces.
 Look at that tiny sweet face.  

Be sure to drop back by during the Holiday Season as I will be adding more photos.  For now it is back to decorating and enjoy my treasures. 

Oh and just in case I forget


Here's hoping you and yours have a very 


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  1. Your pink trees have caught my eye!! LOVELY! The nativity is lovely too...but again, those trees!!
    Thanks so much for sharing your lovelies with us for Pearls and Lace Thursday! So excited to have you!


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