Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Beautiful Things 
and Beautiful People

I love beautiful things, especially vintage beautiful things.  I recently found the most lovely vintage 14K and seed pearl crown brooch.  I took some photos of it today and I wanted to share them. 

My beautiful brooch

sitting on an early 1900's  Limoges Cuspidor.

Thank you sweetheart!

Here are my vintage bunnies holding my new brooch. 

And here is a close up. 

I have several pieces of tiara and/or crown jewelry.  In fact I have a Princess Dianna Franklin Mint Set with a ring and earrings.  They will go perfect with my new brooch. 

Here is my ring.
This was also a gift from my lovely husband. 

Beautiful People


Sometimes in life you meet someone and for whatever reason you just click.  Somehow they "get you" and you "get them".  They like the same things you like and they make you laugh and smile.  They champion you and say the most wonderful things to you.  They can see beauty in you and you see the beauty in them.  

My friend Mary has been one of those beautiful people in my life.  We have known each other for a short time but in that time we shared so many laughs and smiles.  She always compliments me and makes me feel so fabulous!  She is good and kind and loving and has such a zest for life.   She is a treasure and such a beautiful person. 

Well my friend is moving far away and I will miss her so much.  We liked to have lunch together during the week and I am so going to miss our lunch dates.  So last night I had a small dinner party for my friend Mary and her hubby Carlos.  

Here is my chalkboard sign!

  We had roast with veggies and au jus.  We also had croissants with honey butter and some other fresh veggies.  For desert we had pound cake with strawberries, vanilla ice cream and covered in white chocolate ganache.  Everything turned out really well and with only a couple of tiny mishaps before they arrived, we had a great time. 

Mary made me feel so good, as she always does, complimenting me on my decor and my craftsmanship.  She paid me the highest compliment when she told me that one day when they have their bed and breakfast, she wants me to decorate it.  Mary always makes me feel good and I am so glad I shared my home with her this week.  We had a  lovely time. 

I am sad because I will miss my friend but I am thankful to have found her and for the time we did have together. Mary I wish you much happiness in your travels and that you and your Carlos enjoy your time abroad. Till we meet again my friend.  You are truly one of the "beautiful people".

Love you, Beverly 

Sharing my home with my friend Mary made me think about sharing some photos here on my blog. 

My very own beautiful spaces!
(at least I think they are)

Living Room and Dining

Sitting area with vintage fireplace mantle

Blue and white striped chaise

Dining Area with vintage table, chairs and china cabinet. 
All these pieces were hand painted by me. 

Family Room

Walls were designed and hand painted by me. 

This is just one little area of our family room.

Now out into the Garden.  Okay maybe not a garden but our little piece of land here in Texas. 

Fence Finished
It's a beautiful thing!

I am delighted to report that we have finally finished our fence repairs.  It took some doing and a bit of learning along the way but it is done and looks quite nice, if I do say so myself.  I love that we were able to repair it and reuse the wood so that we did not have to buy new wood.  We wanted to reuse the wood to save money but also to be green.  I just could not see throwing all that wood away when it can be reused.  I love to recycle and reuse old things when I can.  It is after all Earth friendly and it makes me feel good about the things I own and use.  

And here is is all finished.....

This is a panoramic photo of our fence

Here is a section taken with good light.

And here is a section of the length of the fence. 

We are very proud of our hard work considering we started with this. 

And this...

Again I want to thank my son for his hard work in seeing this project through and doing such a fabulous job.

So this week, here's to beautiful people 
and beautiful things.  
May everyday of your life be filled with both.

I spotted something beautiful.....

Have a beautiful day, 
Tea Cottage Pretties


  1. Oh Beverly!! What a gorgeous home! And yard! your fence looks amazing now! I know your sweet friend has been blessed by your friendship. It's always soooooo hard when you have to say a goodbye to dear friends, and yet new ones poke their heads up! I'm so glad y'all got to have a lovely dinner together...they'll always remember that you did such a special treat up just for them!
    OK...I have to go back and get a better look at your lovelies. Your paint jobs are great! LOVE the pink screen door room divider!! that's just clever!
    and by the looking for something from me at the end of the week!!

  2. Awww Doni, you always know what to say to make a girl smile!!! You words are always golden. Thank you ever so kindly for always coming by to visit and I am tickled pink and excited. I LOVE surprises!!!!! See you soon for your weekly post....

  3. The seed pearl crown brooch is gorgeous! Special friendships are to be cherished. I'm sure you'll find ways to keep in touch with your friend.


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