Saturday, April 6, 2013


Spring Has Arrived!

This week has seen the arrival of Spring here in Texas.  Ah but it will be short lived as Summer will come very fast and the temperatures will climb.  I try to enjoy our little taste of Spring while it last.  Yet, this week I have been super busy trying to get mom ready for her trip to go live with my sister Patti.  

 I have been sewing and packing up all my mom's things to get her ready for her trip.  Mom is very short (4'10" to be exact) and she had tons of nice new pants that needed hemming so that she could wear them. Now she can wear her pretty clothes and she even picked an outfit out to wear on her trip.  I have mixed emotions about mom leaving but with my fibromyalgia acting up I am just not able to take care of her right now.  This has been hard for me and seeing her go is even harder but I have to accept my limitations at this time and do the best I can do.  Mom needs more care than I am physically able to give her but I will be and always have been very supportive of mom. 

While I was doing all that sewing I managed to sew a purse that I had been wanting to finish.  It is made from a printed burlap material.  It features things from France to include the Eiffel Tower and all sorts of neat images.  I found the fabric at Hobby Lobby and I fell in love with it, I bought 4 yards!  The purse turned out really cute.  It is made exactly like the others I have made in the past except I made it 3" larger and used a larger handle.  

As usual I added all sorts of ribbon and sparkly dangles to give it that extra special girly girl touch.  I have used it once and I got quite a few compliments on it.  Now what to do with all that fabric I have left?  

Oh and I was so excited this week when I found the best bargain of the year for me.  I saw a faux fur jacket before Christmas and it was $160.00.  Now I would never pay that much for a jacket and certainly not a faux fur jacket.  I tried it on and it was so adorable and it looked good on me.  The jacket was a shorter jacket with almost a swing jacket style to it.  Well I placed it back on the rack and went on with my life.  Then last week while playing around on the interwebs (that's what I call the Internet) I came across a jacket that was almost exactly the same. The cool part was they had it in my size and it was $10.00.  That's right $10.00 marked down from $100.00, so 90% off.  I ordered it and the shipping was only $5.00, so for $15.00 I got my jacket and here it is!!!

Now I will of course have to wait till next winter to wear it but I don't mind.  It will be like having a new jacket when the time comes and a pretty one at that!!!

Also, I have been in need of a jewelry box and not just a little box like you can buy at stores but something BIG to hold all my bracelets, headbands, necklaces and more.  So I was looking around my house and trying to figure out what would work that could hold a lot of jewelry and girly stuff and I think I have found my solution.  Here is my vintage nightstand that is soon to be my jewelry box, hopefully.  Stay tuned to see it in the near future. 

See it is even dreaming of being a jewelry box!!

Among my many blessings this week I walked outside on Monday and I was greeted by these beauties!  Yes, Spring has arrived!

My red rose bushes are blooming!
Welcome Spring! 

I had a few folks ask me about my Omega 3 fish oil from a previous blog post, so here is a picture of what I am using. It has really helped me a lot and the best part is there is no fishy taste!!!

So you see I have been very busy this past week.  I plan on resting and recuperating all of next week.  I need some down time to heal and take care of myself.  Until we meet again, have a lovely day. 


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  1. That is a great deal on the jacket! I have been taking fish oil capsules as well which I hear is good for sore joints.

  2. What fun to find what you want at a price you can afford! I have a similar jacket in a girls size that I wore as a child, I think my sister's wore it as well. but it is sweet and warm! I found a fur stole. cdon't know what kind of fur, but it is real fur and a white gray color. It has 4 or 5 strips of fur sewed together and it wraps around your shoulders and has pockets to put your hands in wrapped around you. It was $15 as well. It has been fun for my girls to use for dances and dress ups, very careful dress-ups!
    Have a fun itme with it!

  3. BEVERLY!! Oh goodness, what to comment on first! That purse, well you KNOW you must make MORE!! That is my favorite that you've made so far...and it's lovely!! What a great job!! Don't you need a winter purse to match your new gorgeous JACKET for next winter??? Be looking for something with some white for your next creation!!! Oh that jacket...well you made a grand haul on that purchase deary!!
    LOVE that! Wish I could wear something so cute! The roses are beautiful and so is the pic of your home! I know it will be HOT here soon, but at the moment I'm freezing! Going to soak it in as long as I'm able :)
    That nightstand table gonnabeabeauty jewelry chest is going to be fabby! Can't wait to see what you do with it!!
    Now...your sweet mama...she is so loved and it shows by all your sweet sewing for her and care for her. Try not to feel bad about her having to move sweetie...I know it's hard, but maybe you'll be able to rest more and feel better yourself.. I'll be praying for you!!

  4. I do love the way the purse turned out. I also make bags. There is a real satisfaction is making pocketbooks, I think. Would love to have you share this at What to do Weekends Party also. Following, Linda

  5. I'm so glad you stopped by and linked up to What to do Weekends Party. You helped make the party even BETTER. Take care and hope to see you this week, too. Linda


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