Friday, April 12, 2013


Resting, No Make That Nesting
Paris Burlap Fabric

So this week I was supposed to rest, at least that is what I told myself.  Well as it turned out I didn't rest but I did something that is therapeutic for me anyway, nesting.......

Remember all that printed burlap fabric I bought?  Well I decided that I wanted to cover my kitchen chairs with it and so my son and I went to work on them.  I have covered my chairs before and it takes me forever but this time my son helped me and it went so fast.  Thank you Chris for helping me and I so enjoyed our time together.  

Look what we did together!!

Here is a close up of the fabric

And here is what they looked like before we covered them.  They were dirty and in need of some TLC. 

This was such a fun project and the results were so rewarding.  It is something that you can do in a day. 

Next I so want to make myself a Paris Burlap Wreath!
Gotta search the Interwebs for a DIY Tutorial on it.

So loving the chairs and needing a few things to tie everything together I decided to do a few little things in our family room.  Our family room and kitchen are open concept, so it is really one very large room and they kind of need to match. 

I had ordered some of the most fabulous hand stamped Paris ribbon from someone on Etsy (I heart Etsy).  I had some vintage crystal lamps from the 50's.  They even have the vintage lamp stickers on them and I don't have the heart to remove them.  So I decided to decorate the lamp shades using my news ribbon. I search through my goodies and I found all these lovely things.

I have two of these lampshades

First I cleaned them up and then I added crochet lace trim and a sweet flower

Then I added sweet little bows and rhinestone button crowns. 

Last, I added tiny white pearls on stick pins and here is the final result complete with vintage crystal lamp. 

Then I made myself a pretty pin board that matches my Paris theme.  

Oh and the crystal lamps were a thrift store find and I paid $2.50 a piece for them.  You never know what treasures you will find in a thrift store.  These days I do not thrift much because I already have way to much stuff and my health but I totally recommend it!!

I am not sure what got into me this week
 but as you can see I was nesting instead of resting. 
 I so love nesting.  

Until next time,
happy nesting!!!

Tea Cottage Pretties

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  1. Beverly, I believe there is something very therapeutic (sp??) about nesting. It makes us women feel so good!! And your nesting has turned out some wonderful things!! I love your tutorial for the lamp shades. I have two matching lamps that are desperate for I know what to do!!! Your chairs and the bulletin board turned out so cute! That fabric has been a great buy for you! LOVE all you've done!


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