Thursday, July 26, 2012


Keep Calm and Carry On

Okay ladies unless you live in a cave or have just not been on the interwebs lately, you have probably seen this saying (or some form there of) ALL OVER the place. Being an inquisitive person I had to KNOW where this saying came from and/or what was the story behind it.  So I went looking for the origins and I found out some very interesting things.  First of all this a  very old saying that was used during the beginning of the Second World War in the United Kingdom, dating around 1939.  The intent was to boost the morale of the British people in the event of an invasion and/or disaster.  Oddly enough it was very limited in distribution so until around the year 2000 it was almost unheard of at all.  In 2000 it was unearthed and has since risen to great popularity.  Published by the Ministry of Information over 50 years ago it was now public domain. 

Now why do we seem to love this saying so much? Maybe it fits us today with all the political and economic troubles that have plaqued most of the world over the last few years.  It reminds us to stay calm and continue to live our lives and we need that right now I think.  Plus, it does have a fabulous little crown on it and we all love crowns and tiaras. It lends itself well to small changes that make it fit just about any situation or idea that we can think up. Best of all we can use it without any worries about a copyright or in this case crown copyright. 

So I wanted to make a few different ones for my own personal use.  I found a photo copy of the original image and I edited it in PicMonkey.  Of course loving all things shabby chic I had to make mine in a Vintage Chic style. I also wanted to share them for anyone that would like to have them. They are free and you are welcome to copy and save them your computer. Hope you like them.

Hugs, Beverly

Now that we know the origins of this saying we can all

For all the BIG BANG fans

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  1. How very interesting! I have seen this and liked the saying but had no idea of it's origin.
    And Thank You, I just might put one on my sidebar as I have been trying very hard to follow these words. Having too stubborn teens in the house can make life less than "Calm"!! Beautiful!
    Love Di ♥


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