Friday, July 6, 2012


Sewing Project - Adding 
Lace To Shorts

This past weekend my niece came to visit and she had on the cutest shorts.  They were blue denim but they had a really cute eyelet type lace around the legs.  I was inspired by them to take my favorite pair of Liz shorts and repair them using lace.  My Liz shorts are fabulous but they are very old and they were unraveling at the legs. I am not one to wear shorts that are unraveling although I know some girls love worn jeans and shorts.  So I went to Hobby Lobby and found a trim that I fell in love with and that would be easy to care for and to sew onto my shorts.  

I then took my shorts from this:

To This:

Different lighting made the denim look different.

So I put together a collage to show how I was able to transform my shorts.

First I cut the unraveled part off the shorts and used a zigzag stitch to mend them.  I then added my lace by starting on the inside of the leg.  This way I finished on the inside and I simply folded the lace over and continued to stitch them.  I then added a few stitches down the width of the lace to hold it in place.  I also stitched the lace again near the edge of the shorts so that it would not flip up on me and this reinforced the repaired legs.  Then I added lace to the pockets.  I first stitched them on the sewing machine as far as I could while making sure not to catch the shorts in the sewing machine.  I took them off the sewing machine and stitched the outer edges of the pocket with the short completely on the sewing machine and did the same with the ends folded. I did a few little repairs on my old favorite shorts and ended up with a very cute pair of shorts that should last a few more years and they are adorable!!!!

Not only are they adorable but they are green!  
I am always looking for ways to be green by 
recycling, reusing and/or upcycling!!! 

Till next time, 


Tea Cottage Pretties

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  1. It is so much fun adding lace to denim. The lace turns an ordinary pair of shorts into something special.Great job!
    Many hugs, conny


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