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Shopping Treasures To Be Found In Korea!

Macarons from Paris Baquette

I wanted to share some of the products we have found in Korea.  There are so many wonderful products here and I know when we do leave Korea we will miss the shops and products here.  

The shops here remind me of when I was young and I would go shopping with my mother and grandmother.  You can walk for days in the cities going from one shop to the next.  There is always an attendant ready to assist you with anything that you might need.  They are so courteous and friendly and the service is world class.

Pretty Pink Fox Air Freshener 
This little cutie has a drawer in the back and you place the scent packette inside.  Her baby attaches in front of her or on her head.  She comes with a sticky thing to attach her to your car dash if you prefer.  I have mine in our home. 

Tape Measure
This is just so adorable and it is a good quality tape measure. 

Panda Hand Cream
Oh this is the best hand cream.  It smells so wonderful and makes your hands so soft and pretty. As you can probably tell many of the products here are just so cute. 

Beautiful Hair Bow
This hair bow is made of a sweater like material.  It is just so softly pink and beautiful.

Pretty Shabby Chic Styled Wash Cloths
These are lovely wash cloths.  Each one has a loop so that you can hang it from your kitchen racks or knobs.  They are high quality cloths and just so beautiful. 

Pretty Towels
These are super thick and beautiful towels.  They are made so that they can hang over a towel rack.  There are snaps (see the things that look like buttons) and this secures them to the rack.  they also have a loop on the top if you want to hang them to a hook.  They look like little dresses.  

Pretty Christmas Towels
I just love the colors in the these towels.  They are also very well made and oh so beautiful. 

Notice the trim on them in this picture. 

For the little girl in your life they have the sweetest little dolls.  Like this one that features Alice In Wonderland!

Beautiful Bottle Brush Trees
There are beautiful bottle brush trees in so many colors.  I could not pass up this golden tree.  

Metal Tree 

Here are so really sweet items.  There is a bottle of body spray that looks like a doll, bookends, phone case, small tin, brooch and some sample lotion. The shops here like to give you gifts and we get so many neat things given to us. 

Beautiful Korean Ribbon

The cookware here in Korean is fabulous.  They use a different nonstick coating and it is so slippery and cleans up so well.  I plan to bring a complete set back with me to the States when we return home.  These pots are unmatched in quality and performance. They are a beautiful shade of pink and the handles on the lids are hearts!!!

Although this next item is an American product I found it here in Korea.  It is a beautiful vintage styled cake saver and mixing bowls.  

There are so many paper products here in Korea.  Here is a collage featuring some of my gift boxes and sets I have found. 

Cute little gift boxes that look like houses. 

This next set of items are little houses that we were given as a gift form one of favorite shops.  It is a small makeup shop called Etude House.  We love going in and looking at all theri girly offerings. If you purcahse anythign they always give you gifts.  We purchased this set of hand cream and we got the houses to make that match them. 

There is a Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter type house.  Notice the gingerbread house and the frosty house. 
The little pink houses are Spring and Summer. 
I put them together and used them in our holiday decorating. 

I have shown you some of the following products in previous post but I wanted to include them in this post as well. 

Beautiful Christmas Card

Faux Fur Neck Scarfs

Guy Laroche Paris Handbag

And of course my beautiful flatware that I am collecting here while in Korea. 

And lastly I found the most delicious farm fresh yogurt!

There are far to many great products here to show you them all but these are a few samples of some of things I have found here in Korea.  I have found other products to be unmatched by any I have ever used including makeup, toothbrushes, household cleaning tools and more.  Korea is a shopping mecca and the worlds largest department store is located here as well in Buson (Shinseagae) and I plan to go there at least once while we are here. 

I wanted to share some of the fabulous products I have found here and also I wanted to have a record for myself of these products.  

Not only are there some fabulous products here for the shopper in me but there are lots of things to do.  
My daughter Tiffany and I recently attended a Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony. It snowed that day just in time for the ceremony which made it perfect. 

We are just having the most fun...

Until next time, 

Tea Cottage Pretties


  1. Everything is so lovely ! I loved , they are so cute ! These decorative toys, the Alice doll, the shabby forks and knives ... Unfortunately There aren't these kind of things in my country... I will see everything again after writing my comment ! A lot of kisses and thank's for your visit im my blog !

    1. Thank you so much for the visit and for your sweet comment!!! We are really enjoying our stay here in Korea. There is just so much to see and do. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas, Beverly

  2. Oh Beverly, there is so much prettiness and sweetness in this post! Everything is just delightful and I absolutely LOVE the floral silverware :)

    Hugs to you!

    1. Hello Stephanie and thank you so much for spending time with Tea Cottage Pretties!! We really love the shopping here. We are so enjoying our stay here in Korea. Hugs, Beverly

  3. HiBeverly, it looks like you have collected so many nice things while in Korea. I love the macaroons and the bottle trees. Have an woderful weekend. Enjoy all of your shopping.

    1. Hello Julie, I haven't had any problems finding beautiful things here in Korea. We are really enjoying being here. Merry Christmas, Beverly


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