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Lovely Summer Salad 
Tea Party Plans
Other Goodies!

Here at Tea Cottage Pretties we are planning a birthday party in July for Tiffany and we have decided on a tea party.  That's right a tea party with all the things that a tea party brings to mind; tea, French macaroons, cupcakes, prosciutto, different cheeses,  vegetable trays and a lovely summer salad.  With this in mind we wanted to come up with a salad that would knock your socks off, okay well maybe your stockings.  So this weekend we experimented with our salad and our first try was a hit. We are calling it Tea Cottage Pretties Summer Salad. It has Spring Greens, Strawberries, and Blueberries and is sprinkled with Candied Pecans. We first cut the strawberries and sprinkled them a bit of sugar just to let them make a glaze. Then we put everything together and it was so delicious. We served with cheese and ham and we had a delicious vanilla and coconut tea. It was fabulous and we are thinking for the party we will add blackberries as well.  

Tea Cottage Pretties Summer Salad

This will be our signature food for our 
Birthday Party - Tea Party. 

You could even use lovely vinaigrette on this salad and any variation of fruits and berries that you happen to love.  

The berries go very well with the spring greens.  

We are also trying out some new tea here at Tea Cottage Pretties.  My darling husband bought us a special tea that we are ever so excited about tasting.

Being shipped to us from Paris, France this is the Marie Antoinette Tea! This tea is made from Chinese black tea and combined with rose petals, citrus fruit and honey.  I imagine this will be a lovely tea with a floral taste, like sipping on beautiful flowers.  

We also have been tasting a few more new teas that we can actually get locally.  

Here you can see we got apple/cinnamon tea, raspberry/mint tea and coconut/vanilla tea.  So far we have tried the apple/cinnamon and the coconut/vanilla and they were fabulous.  So we will probably be serving these at our tea party.  The coconut/vanilla has a very floral taste and smells wonderful. I think I could even use this in a nice bath. Each one of these teas is designed for a specific health benefit but we are more interested in the taste, although it is nice that we have a go to just in case.
(NOTE: The laxative tea does work but it is gentle)

We are going to ask those that attend to dress for high tea and we are requesting that everyone wear a fascinator or a hat.  We will of course take photos and share them here on our blog.  So be sure to look for our future post.  Tiffany's birthday is the fourth of July.  Her daddy always told her when she was little that the fireworks for just for her.  

Tiffany is a blessing and a living miracle, being born 3 months early she weighed 2 pounds 6 ounces.  She was smiling from the first moment I saw her and never stopped smiling.  She spent 45 days smiling in the NICU and when we finally brought her home she weighed about 4 pounds.  She has grown into a lovely young lady and she is a pleasure to be around.  She is a hard worker and is very dedicated.  We are extremely blessed and we thank God for her every day.  She is our blessing and our beautiful gift from God and we are most honored to be her parents. 

And here she is this weekend ready to go out and run errands with mom. 

And now it's time to share some goodies with everyone. 
I needed a bracelet with teal blues in it and I finally got around to making one for myself this week.  I found these really pretty beads and some vintage seam binding and I made this really sweet bracelet. 

I am also planning another bracelet and here are the beginnings of what I am going to use to make it. 

These are beautiful buttons that I recently found!

I want to combine them with this vintage seam binding in beautiful teal blue. 

So look for this bracelet in an upcoming post. 

Now for my favorite thing that I found this week.  I had seen a vintage Sarah Coventry Heart Watch and I went searching for one to call my very own.  I got very lucky and found one and with shipping it was only $8.00.  It arrived this week and all it needed was some gentle cleaning and a new battery, meet Sarah.  

Isn't she beautiful! 

My new vintage treasure!

And of course I HAD to wear my new Sarah Coventry Watch while we were running our errands. 

Here's to delicious foods, crafting and vintage finds.  

With loving thoughts of our daughter and our many blessings, thank you for sharing with me here today at Tea Cottage Pretties.

A special welcome to my new followers, you are greatly appreciated. 

Hugs, Beverly


Gentle Hugs for all those living with fibromyalgia....

 Coming Soon it's Audrey...


  1. Hello dear, today you have many delights and beautiful treasures to share with your followers! Will begin by the salad looks so refreshing, I assure you will be a great success at the birthday party for your princess. I had a post back in my blog, a tea party with my hnas, and my Bible study group, it was great! So surely you will have a very successful too!

    The diversity of flavors in which you have available, is a great alternative! Always in the afternoon for a cup of tea with that combination flavors, fruits and flowers ummm, divine.

    And I love the details of the bracelets on your pieces limoges, dreamy look! Lights fabulous with vintage watch new acquisition! A great success, combined with cream blouse and pearls! hugs, Rose Marie

  2. Ohhh, how wonderfully fresh, sweet and scrumptious that salad looks. I'll never forget the first time my (Italian born and raised) husband had candied pecans. He's had the plain version (and pecan pie) numerous times before, but he tried candied ones in a salad at a dinner party (I wasn't there) and came home raving about them. To this day, he still mentions that particular salad sometimes. :)

    Wishing you a week ahead that's as gorgeous as everything you shared in this marvelous post, my dear friend!

    ♥ Jessica

  3. That salad looks scrumptious. I think your tea party idea for your beautiful daughter is a wonderful one and can;t wait to see photos.

  4. I had to go back a few pages in your blog but I knew I remembered seeing the Marie Antoinette tea which I own as well! I was stumbling upon images on google for tea and saw the tin and thought it had to be mine. It is displayed beautifully in my kitchen! How did you like it? You can taste the rose but the apple flavor is a little stronger. My older sister said it tasted like she was drinking yummy expensive perfume. I guess that's a good thing! I am in love with the tin. I am going to buy another in the near future so I can keep a few of the tins around my house. I will probably make a post about it soon. I know of no one else who has this tea, so glad I found someone who also enjoys it!



    1. Hello Crystal, I do love the Marie Antoinette Tea! I served it at our Tea Party and my Mother In Law actually ask me where to buy it. I sent her some as a gift instead. My daughter and i always say it is like drinking sweet perfumed apples or drinking flowers. The apple flavor does stand out a bit. We love it and I too feel in love with the tin. Matter of fact when I showed it to my husband, he said "you just want the pink tin." I do love the tin. I usually order most of my teas loose and in tins and I collect them all. I just love them. I think you and i have alot in common. Hugs, Beverly


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