Friday, June 28, 2013


Counting Down

While counting down the days, weeks and months till my husband comes home and finally starting to feel closer to that fabulous day, we have been trying to enjoy our days.  We have filled our time with many things and currently we are swimming as much as possible in our neighborhood  pool!  We are planning and preparing for our Tea Party which is coming up on the 6th of July, so excited!  And  we have been busy making a costume for Tiffany for the Anime convention here in August and making all sorts of fabulous recipes and treats to enjoy.  I have several projects on the back burner, such as making my paper doll handbag (I will share this when I make it) and all sorts of neat things.  

Lemon Pots

So this week we decided to make and try lemon pots.  I have seen the recipe may times and there are many out there but they are all basically the same.  While on Pinterest the other day, I happen to see some lovely lemon pots and it reminded me that I have always wanted to try them.  The recipe I pinned was in metric measurements so I checked the recipe and Tiffany and I went shopping for the ingredients.  


1/2 Cup Lemon Juice 
1 Tablespoon Lemon Zest
(about 2 lemons)
1/2 Cup Sugar
2 Cups Heavy Whipping Cream

(makes approx. 4-5 servings)

Combine heavy whipping cream and sugar in a pot and cook over medium heat.  Bring to a boil and cook an additional 3 minutes.  Remove from heat and add lemon juice and lemon zest.  Stir and let sit for a few minutes and then place in little dishes.  I used 5 small Limoges berry dishes.  Place in refrigerator to set and cool.  

Then you can add any garnish you like.  We added a sprig of mint (just bought myself a very pretty and so fragrant mint plant), whipped cream and some tiny pearl candies. 

These are so delicious that I had to share and they may make an appearance at our tea party.  We are making crepes in the morning to go with our lemon pots. 

So very delicious and refreshing!
I recommend them for a nice summer treat. 

Beautiful Ribbonwork Brooch

We are asking everyone to wear either a hat or fascinator to our Tea Party and I have decided to wear my new pink dress, so I am in need of a fascinator.  I went looking online for  a perfect ribbon work item to use on my fascinator but I also wanted to be able to remove it and use it as a pin or brooch.  I of course headed over to Etsy, where I had admired the ribbonwork of Lambs and Ivy Designs many times before and I found the perfect brooch.  

I emailed the shop to ask the size of the brooch and ended up meeting my new friend Dana of Lambs and Ivy Designs.    My ribbonwork brooch arrived today and I am so in love with it (she says while swooning)!  It is beyond gorgeous and certainly a treasure that I will cherish.  Dana is so very sweet and she took the time to get to know a little about me, not only did I get something beautiful,  I gained a friend.  You can visit Dana in her Etsy Shop here:
 Lambs and Ivy Designs

RibbonWork Brooch

Shown here with one of my Limoges Dishes.

Isn't this just lovely!!!

As I countdown the weeks until my husband returns, we are filling our days with crafting, making and tasting fabulous treats and much fun and laughter.  We are making our days brighter and building precious memories that will last a lifetime.  We are looking forward to our Tea Party and that fabulous day when my Eric returns. So not wishing our life away but still looking forward to having our family complete once more. 

We hope that you will join us each week as we share our happenings here at Tea Cottage Pretties. 

See you real soon, 
Tea Cottage Pretties

My handsome husband, 
my Prince and the Love of my life...


  1. Thank you for the sweetest "shout out" ever!!


    1. You are so very welcome and a much deserve shout out! Your work is stunning. Hugs, Beverly

  2. Lovely flower spray! Sounds like you are enjoying your summer. Have a safe and happy 4th of July, Beverly. :)

  3. It's sounds like you've had a very fulfilling summer so far! The Ribbon work Brooch is just stunning! Love Di ♥

    1. So glad to hear from you Di, hope you are doing well.

  4. What a terrifically delicious looking recipe - I will be making this very, very soon as it's free of gluten and eggs (quite rare in your run-of-the-mill dessert, as opposed to those created specifically to avoid certain foods). Thank you so much for sharing, dear Beverly.

    Happiest July wishes,
    ♥ Jessica


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