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Interchangeable Handbag

This Blog Post was updated on 8/21/2012

I always love beautiful fabric and whenever I find some I love I am always thinking "what can I make with this?"  So with that in mind I started researching handmade handbags and patterns.  I finally came across a sweet pattern that I loved. 

This pattern requires the use of an interchangeable 1 purse handle.

 I was in love!!!

So I ordered my pattern and this particular one comes with the handle. It is the Interchangeable1 Bag. There are actually several different styles and sizes.  I just loved this particular style. You can get the handle in different finishes including silver, gold, and antique bronze.   

This is a very nice pattern and the finished product is fabulous.  The pattern is easy to follow and the instruction book is really helpful and well written. Ellen Medlock has done a great job of explaining everything.  Also, this kit comes with the handle and pattern.  Therefore if you are a beginner I do highly recommend this nice pattern. 

The pattern is pricey compared to other handbag patterns.  It does not include all the pieces for everything you need to cut out including the optional inside pocket. Instead it tells you the measurements of those pieces and you have to make a little pattern part for yourself (or cut on a cutting mat with inches on it).  Although that is simple enough for anyone to do.  

You can find her here:  Ellen Medlock on Etsy

You can find the handles online as well. I ordered the antique bronze (with the pattern)
 and I also ordered a silver handle and chain from Etsy. 

Here is the link for the Etsy shop that I got my silver handle from,
 it was less expensive this way.

Here are some more links for Handbag Patterns

Check out the handbag patterns at  
This site offers affordable pattern downloads. She seems to be really helpful and supportive of those that purchase her patterns.  She also seems to take great pride in the success of others.  

I also recommend that you check out the FREE handbag patterns here:
Tip Junkie
There are some fabulous patterns here. 

Matter of fact there are literally tons of FREE patterns for handbag out there. 

 Back to my story, all my goodies arrived in the mail and I set about making my handbag.  I had previously bought all the materials I need: Fabric, Interfacing and Thread.  I made my handbag in a few hours not counting the bow which I fashioned myself to add to the bag. This is how it turned out. Please leave a comment and let me know what you think of my new handbag. 

Here are my supplies.

I am delighted with how it turned out. I added a cute little mirror and of course my handmade bow.  The best part is the handle comes off and I can make different handbags to use with my handles.  This Girly Girl is very pleased with her new handbag. 

I think my new Ellen Medlock Interchangeable 1 Handbag is Fabulous! 

I  am also counting my blessings this week because my beautiful Mom was very sick and she is all better now.  When she saw my handbag, she called and said "where's my purse?" I told her I would be more than happy to make one for her.  I am glad she is feeling better and I am glad I can make one for her.  So next week you will find me at the sewing machine making a purse for my Mom!!!!!


See you soon, Beverly


  1. I love your handbag! Great choice of fabrics and your little mirror is just the perfect accent! Hugs, Penny

  2. That's just so adoralicious! you did an awesome job on that little number...I bet you have a whole series you'll be making! I expect to see each and every one added to my party so I won't miss any!
    Thanks so much for sharing,

  3. What an adorable little bag. I love it. Thanks so much for your visit and sweet comment.


  4. This is such an adorable bag!

  5. I just saw your beautiful little handbag. I am getting ready to order this pattern from Ellen. You did a beautiful job. If you don't mind my asking, where did you find that adorable mirror charm?


    1. Hello Sharon. it is so nice to have you visit me here at Tea Cottage Pretties. I really enjoy making this bag and it is a pretty easy project. I find my little purse ornaments at Hobby Lobby in the jewelry making department. I made this handbag some time ago but even if they do not have the little mirror anymore they will have other cute adornments. I would love to see your handbag when it is finished. Hugs, Beverly


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