Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Sweet Little Antique Nancy Ann Dolls

Sweet Little Antique Nancy Ann Dolls

I wanted to share some photos of my Antique Nancy Ann Dolls.   I have a few in my collection and l I have been cleaning them up and displaying them.  I love their cute little faces.  

Snow Queen

Cute little girl in pink dress.

Here she is with a cute male doll in a tux.  He is actually the Groom doll.  

Little Red Ridinghood.  

Most of these dolls came out long before Disney reimagined such classic stories as Beauty and the Beast.  Therefore, they do not have a Disney look to them. 

Beauty and the Beast

I am particularly fond of the bisque Nancy Ann Dolls and most of my dolls are bisque. 

Cinderella Goes to the Ball

Alice - through the looking glass

A group of pretty girls all cleaned up! 

I  got these cuties in a large group of dolls for just a few dollars.  Below you will see dolls such as December (7" tall and dressed in red).  She looks kind of like a big sister doll.  Also, August is pictured below wearing the polka dot dress.  

Cute little redhead

Although I love the themed dolls, I also love to clean and dress up these cuties myself.  I haver miscellaneous Nancy Ann doll clothes and accessories, so I often just dress them the way I like them. 

The last one I want to share is a real cutie but she also needed the most work.  I had to re-paint her little shoes and clean her up.  I also cleaned her clothes and I had to dye her hat and jacket.  They were a very dingy and dirty lighter blue.  I dyed them navy blue, which was a process.  I then gave her new ribbons, as I did most of my cuties (vintage seam binding works best).  I then dressed her and I think she looks like the cutest school girl ever.  

I hope you have enjoyed my little Nancy Ann dolls.  I am not a true collector of these dolls.  I simply find them here and there and I love cleaning them up and displaying them.  They are very photogenic.  They are perfect for decorating and vignettes. 

Well, I am off to play with my dolls.

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