Monday, January 23, 2017

With Loving Thoughts

With Loving Thoughts

Vintage Valentines doll reflecting my
nostalgic state of mind. 

I have been feeling very nostalgic this evening, thinking of the people I have known and loved during my life.  Many of them have passed away and others have simply been lost in time.  Some have changed and gone in a different direction, or perhaps it is me that has taken a different direction.  As I have educated myself in life my views have changed and have developed.  I try to see outside my box and I attempt to see the big picture.  

I cling to memories of days gone by and
friends lost in the pages of time and history. 

Often I find myself grieving over the loss of my loved ones.  I try to tell myself that I should not be sad that they are gone, that I should be happy that they were in my life instead. I miss them all for different reason because they represented different things to me.  

All things grow and change over time.

At times I want to reach out to the ones that have been lost in time but I refrain for fear that we will truly find that we no longer have anything in common.  My memories are too precious to risk attempting to connect on that level again.

My life is filled with a collection of precious memories.
I am thankful for each and every one of my loved ones and my life is better because I had them in it.  I will always love them and miss them.  I long for the sound of their voice, to see them smile and laugh, and to simply be there for each other through good times and hard times.  They are forever a part of me and I will always love them.

Today I have shared a few more of my Valentine's Day decorations.  Perhaps decorating for Valentine's Day has influenced my mood.  After all, it is a season of love and thinking of others.  

With loving thoughts, 


Tea Cottage Pretties

Vintage doll handmade from a kit
circa 1950-60's

The Plant was a Christmas centerpiece that I recreated as a Valentine's Day centerpiece.  

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