Saturday, October 15, 2016

From a Screen Door To...

From a Screen Door to...

to a Desk

This is a project that I have had in my head for many years.  Recently my hubby started doing a little woodworking so I ask if he could make something for me.  We went and purchased the things I needed and then I showed him my plan.  He did a fabulous job of putting it all together for me. 

We took a regular screen door and built a table on to it 
and then we added shelves.  

Then I painted it white which brought out the details very nicely. 

He added my chalkboard for me.

Then I added chicken wire and fabric to the back. 

We added glass knobs so that I could hang pretties from them. 

Now I have a functional desk that is every so pretty. I added my vintage styled blueish metal chair and decorations!

Please leave your comments and let me know what you think.  Please do not use my images without my consent.  If you do use them I ask for a link back to my blog.  

I want to thank my wonderful husband for making this for me.  He did all the woodwork for me and he brought my idea to life.  Thank you, sweetheart,  I love you. 

Thank you, 

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  1. Well that was BRILLIANT! I'm going to come visit...some day...and when you're not looking I will tuck this pretty into my truck! Seriously great job! And it looks perfect in that spot! You're a lucky girl!

    1. Thank you Doni, we are very pleased with how it turned out. I think we make a great team. You must let me know what you are up to these days. I know you are making something in your craft room. Love and hugs, Beverly

  2. Love it, such a beautiful piece!

    1. Thank you so much and thank you for visiting me. We had fun making it. Hugs, Beverly

  3. What an incredible transformation! Beautiful job!!

    1. IT was so much fun to make. Thank you and thank you for visiting me. Hugs, Beverly

  4. I love taking nothing and making it Something!

    1. Deborah, thank you so very much for stopping by to visit. I am delighted that you liked my new desk. Hugs, Beverly


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