Friday, January 30, 2015


 Korean Flatware Collection
Appetizer Spoons and Forks

Although I have already shared these beauties in a my previous post, I wanted to share them again because I took a few more photos with a white lace background. 

These little beauties can go by several names: horderve, appetizer and cocktail spoons and forks. Whatever you call them I could not resist adding them to my flatware collection.  I also found a sweet bone china dish to keep them in. 

I decided on two different types of pieces.  One type matches my set of flatware and the other has a bone china handle with a pink crystal on the top. 

I love the pink crystal on this little set. 

Pretty Korean Paper Products

These are just so sweet, 

but not as sweet as this little girl...

Bella 1/2015

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Hugs, Beverly 
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  1. Oh how adorable! Sorry Beverly, but Bella justole the show with that cute baby face and that
    ADORABLE little collar!! Did you make it? Does she have a whole wardrobe to match yours?
    And if no, why not?
    Get busy girl!!
    But your photos of your new pretty flatware are just gorgeous! Lucky dog...both of you!

    1. Bella is just a cutie pie. I didn't make the collar but I had just told Tiffany last night that I needed to make Bella matching collars to go with our skirts. You see how this goes, you start one project that leads to another to another........ and well this girl better get busy. Thank you for visiting!!! Hugs, Beverly

  2. How terrifically pretty! I swear, you, my dear friend, are the first person I think of now whenever I see anything that is shabby or romantic or vintage chic in the slightest. These are styles I adore as well and have long been drawn to, but I can't claim to have even a mere fraction of the number of items in these styles that you do. Perhaps one day. I've always wanted to have a bigger house and the budget to decorate it as I pleased, not just with (mostly) items that were simply what our modest budget could accommodate. Though, that said, for many years when we were going through the immigration process with Tony we didn't buy much or set down roots because there was always the chance things wouldn't go in our favour (as they eventually did) and we'd have to leave Canada, so in many ways, I feel like we've really only had the first home on the path to that eventual destination since we moved to my home town of Penticton in early 2012 (Tony became a Canadian citizen a few months later in June of that year).

    My decor tastes are so eclectic though and I'm sure that doesn't really help matters either. I love Victorian and mid-century designs as much as I do certain contemporary ones and don't even get me started on how West Coast Modern design homes set my heart aflutter. Then there's a passion for country and shabby chic, and a low of goth decor even, not to mention rustic Canadian cabin in the woods style, too! I'd probably need a castle to accommodate all those styles, so I just magpie from there, if you will, here and there for the time being, while also accommodating Tony's passion for minimalism and modern decor. I think ultimately, the best way to describe my interests in decor and collectibles is eclectic (with strong vintage undertones) and leave it at that for the sake of simplicity! :)

    Tons of gentle hugs to you, my very dear friend, and joyful wishes, too, for this lovely new week!

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Dearest Jessica, thank you so much for visiting me. Likewise, you are the person I think of when I am see beautiful vintage clothes and jewelry. I had no idea of your struggles with immigration. I am so glad that everything worked out in your favor and that you and Tony are living happily ever after. Bless your giant loving heart. You will have to share with me how you and Tony met one day. I have a feeling it is a wonderful story.

      Okay for decor, I kind of struggle with that issue myself. Although I am totally in love with Shabby Chic and cottage looks, my Eric is like your Tony in that he prefers a more minimalist and modern look. I wonder is that a guy thing? I try to keep our main living space toned down and it is a mix of everything. Oh and you know I love vintage things so our home and our storage back in the States is filled with all sorts of vintage loveliness. So truth be told, I am quite eclectic myself.

      I so hope this week finds you well and that your days are all good days. Thinking of you and
      gentle hugs, Beverly


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