Thursday, May 15, 2014


College Signing Night

Our Tiffany is getting ready to graduate High School and College this month.  In preparation for her life after attending The Early College Academy she attended The College Signing Night to recognize Academy in a way similar to how Sports Programs sign their Athletes.   

This idea of placing Academics before Sports is one of my long time dreams.  I think we place to much emphasis on sports in our schools when the real focus should be on education, including mathematics, history, literature, language, social studies, creative writing, critical thinking, art, music and all the things important to produce an intelligent, articulate and knowledgeable adult.  

This is why we choose The Early College Academy, because we wanted our Tiffany to be all those things.  

And we believe she is....

We took a few photos before we left the house.  I think she just looks so lovely!

Here she is signing for Hollins University.  She was accepted at several colleges but she decided that she liked Hollins the most.  She was offered a scholarship and we were planning on sending her to Hollins.  Then my husband got orders for Korea...

We are so proud of her. 

So our Tiffany will not be attending college her in the states.  She will be moving to Korea with us this summer.   We felt this was a once in a lifetime opportunity for Tiffany and we could not leave her in the United States alone to attend college.  I just could not even bring myself to think of doing that, so she will go with us.  Being in another country is an education in and of itself and this will allow Tiffany to grow and learn even more.  She is a bright, hard working, self motivated young lady and we are extremely proud of our young lady.  

Tiffany's brother Chris bought her this beautiful dress for graduation.  

I promise to get back to my regular post very soon.  We just have so much going on and so many changes coming up that I have not been able to photograph my Limoges or do any crafting. 

See you soon,

Tea Cottage Pretties

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