Wednesday, October 3, 2012


A Kiss From A Perfect Stranger

My new bracelet handmade of course by me. 

We go through life everyday and for the most part it seems we just pass each other by.  You know the people we pass on the street or in stores.  How often do we really look at them and see them as they pass us by?  How often do they notice us as we pass them by?  Today was a long day for me and my mother.  She had to go to the hospital to take a stress test.  Now for most people this would not be a big deal at all but for my mom it was almost more than she could handle.  For three days she has been a nervous wreck.  I am not talking about a little nervous I am talking about breaking out the inhaler, no sleep, shaking, not eating and so on.  I thought for sure she would back out and she did try to bolt out of the hospital once we arrived but somehow we managed to get her to stay.  After many long hours the test was done and I brought her home. That in and of itself was a remarkable feat and we were both glad that it was over.  However, during her ordeal something very profound happened and I left the hospital feeling very different than I did when we arrived.  

All of the people we encountered while at this hospital were so very wonderful and helpful and I mean everyone.  They were all caring, compassionate, patient, kind, professional, and the list goes on.  This was true for the ladies at the information desk, the registration clerk, the nurses, doctors and technicians.  I watched them as I do, especially when I am in a new place or situation and I was astonished at how well they went about doing their work.  They cared for my mother with such compassion, tenderness and understanding. I credit her staying and actually getting through the test to their work and how they handled my mom.  

Her imaging tech was named Patrick and he did such a fabulous job even though my mom was having a hard time with the machine and the fact that she had to lay flat with her arms over her head. This is very hard for my mom to do.  Yet,  somehow he manged to get her to do it and he stood with her holding her hands while the images flashed on the screen. This took 15 minutes and yet he stood there never letting her go.  We were on the last set of images and I was chatting with Patrick.  I felt the need to tell him how wonderful everyone had been and how much I appreciated everything they had done for us.  This was truly a hard day for us and they had made it okay for us somehow.  I just wanted him to know what it meant to us.  He motioned for me to lean in closer to him to say something near my ear, the machine was a little loud, and he whispered to me "thank you,  no one ever tells us thank you"  I thought that was all and he motioned again as if he had something else to say and I leaned in a little and he kissed me on my temple.  There was nothing romantic or suggestive about it or anything like that.  It was a kiss filled with gratitude for noticing a job well done.  

At first I was taken aback by his kiss not because it felt wrong or inappropriate but because it was unexpected.  It was a sweet and precious return for the gift I had given him. My gift to him was that I did not just pass him by but instead I noticed him and I let him know that I had noticed. I  did not take his kindness or patients for granted but instead I appreciated it and in return he appreciated me.  There is a lesson to be learned here I am sure of it.  The lesson might just  be that maybe,  just maybe,  we should be careful when we pass each other by because we might just miss an opportunity to appreciate each other. Life is precious and we are all carrying our baggage and you never know when you might actually change someones day, week, month or life.....  Maybe we should not miss an opportunity to make the world a better place.  For today neither myself nor Patrick let that moment pass us by. We did what we felt and in some small way I would like to think that we both had a profound effect on each other.  I am sure for the next few days he will remember what I said and he will be better for it and perhaps so will his patients. What I do know is that I was touched and changed and I am sure I will not forget his kiss for some time to come.  So today I was kissed by a perfect stranger...........
and it changed my day.

 I have not had much time lately to craft anything but I did manage to make a few bracelets.  I have plans to make a purse for a friend. Until I get around to that enjoy a few pictures of my bracelets. 
Until next time we meet,  take the time to let someone know they are appreciated without any expectations, it could change your day. 


  1. First of all Beverly, I love, love, love those bracelets! I really like bracelets and I would wear one of those!
    You know I'm so glad that your mom made it through and that you were there with her. I understand her anxiety having been through hell and back with tests. You probably don't know but I've had eight strokes and had my carotid artery cleaned out right after Christmas. So I've been through so many tests and it does help when the hospital staff is friendly and helpful. We have a great hospital here and they really try to make you feel comfortable. I always Thank everyone!!
    It sounds as if your mom wouldn't have gone if not for you so thank you too!!
    Love Di ♥

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