Monday, April 9, 2012


What Makes A Man An Attractive Man?

Recently I was in a situation that caused me to consider what it is that makes a man an attractive man.  We have all seen men who behave badly and when I do it makes me admire my husband all the more.  I had an encounter with a man that was, lets just say, not pleasant.  He was rude, disrespectful and kept asserting his authority over others.  His language and topics for discussion were both vulgar and offensive.  We were attending a formal function and he was just down right out of line and certainly no gentleman.  He was perhaps one of the most unattractive men I have ever encountered.  So I was forced to think about what it is that makes a man an attractive man.

I not talking about being physically attractive but being attractive as a whole being.  A man must be kind, trustworthy, dedicated, caring, honest, respectful and just an all round good person.  Honor and great integrity are two of the most important attributes for an attractive man.  Yet perhaps what makes a man the most attractive is his humility.  I think this is the one quality that all men should possess but only a few can master.  The ability to be respectful, ego less and humble.

So what makes a man an attractive man?  HUMILITY and by demonstrating his humility a man becomes an attractive man and thus a Gentleman.   I am truly blessed to have such a gentleman in my life.

Just my thoughts, 

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