Thursday, April 12, 2012


Laura Ashley Dinnerware

(The chargers seen behind my dinnerware were hand painted
 by me to go with my new dinnerware)

On a beautiful white shelf that my husband and I built sits some of my Laura Ashley Petite Fleur Dinnerware.   This beautiful set has a soft pink border and is adorned with pink roses.  It is so feminine and beautiful and it makes a lovely table setting.   I like to pair it with pink drinking glasses and a lace tablecloth.  Oh and my little bird salt and pepper (see them in the picture). 

My sweet husband bought a set for me on my 40th Birthday.   I was so delighted with it that I asked for another set for Christmas.  My Birthday is in December so I did not have to wait to long to get my second set.  Combined I have 8 sets of the 6 piece place settings.  That following year I managed to get 2 different tea sets by Laura Ashley (teapot, 4 mugs and 4 plates each set), 2 Petite Fleur serving platters and a large Petite Fleur serving bowl.  I later found the Laura Ashley Celia sandwich/snack plates and cups.   I have 2 sets of those each with 4 plates and 4cups.

 I love my Laura Ashley porcelain and I am glad that I was able to get it before it disappeared off the market.  I believe this set came out in 1976 and has since been discontinued.  It is very difficult to find now but I have seen some pieces on eBay from time to time. 

 Here is a stock image from the set.

If you arrived here through my Pinterest, here is a link to eBay where you might still find a few pieces from this set.


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