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Tippy and June Bug March 2015

During the week of Spring Break we did a lot of fun and exciting things.  In my previous post I shared out visit to Lotte World and then to Coex Mall and Aquarium.  Our last adventure for the spring break weekend was Everland.  Everland is a theme park that sit on top of a mountain and is a part of Everland Resorts.  It has a massive zoo and like any other theme park lots of rides, food and fun!!!

As we entered Everland I noticed the really cute outfits that the employees wear and I just had to take a snapshot.  Isn't she adorable...

Inside Everland...

We saw lots of animals.


Fennec Fox

Human Children with their pet Dinosaur


This little guy was so adorable.

A word about captive animals.  I have a problem with animals being held in captivity.  I really have a problem when it comes to animals in captivity that are not living in their natural environment.  My girls are amazed by the animals and they love seeing them.  I know that some of the animals are rescue animals that can not live in the wild.  I also know that zoos sometimes cross the line when acquiring animals.  However, for the sake of my children I sat my feelings aside and enjoyed seeing all the animals.  There were many more but I felt they were way out of their respective environments so I choose not to share their pictures.  I will say that the biggest part of the zoo is one in which the humans are caged and you ride through and see the animals roaming free.  

Everland is also a bird sanctuary and there were so many birds.  

A bird sitting on my hand!  There was a special bird area that you could walk into and if you held your hand out the birds would land on it.  

Tiffany loved the birds!

There was even a bird show with so many different types of birds, each doing their very own tricks. 


We even found Tiffany's favorite shop
Etude House!!!

It was a long day and I think we must have walked a thousand miles.  Although we left with aching feet we also left with some wonderful memories.  I will forget the pain in time but I will always remember our day.  After all isn't that what life is all about, making memories and sharing them with the ones you love.  

Me and my love...
We just had to take a selfie!!!

We are now back home and I am planning something crafty for my next post.  I wanted to do these last three post about our adventure so that we would have a sort of scrapbook to look back at and remember.  Thank you for following me and be sure to come back and see what I am doing next.  

Here's to memories and family,

Tea Cottage Pretties


  1. Hi Beverly,
    Wow it looks like such a nice and fun place that you visited with your family! I love all of the photos of the animals and birds. I hope all is well with you and have a lovely weekend.
    Julie xo

    1. Hello Julie thank you so much for visiting and sharing our fun day with us. hugs, Beverly

  2. It looks like a very nice place to visit.

    1. Thank you for visiting me today! It is always nice to hear from you. Hugs, Beverly


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