Saturday, October 17, 2009


U2 in Concert
14 October 2009
As it turned out my husband came home from school a month early. He was suppose to graduate from the Officer Course on 30 October 2009 and he actually graduated on 30 September 2009. I was so happy that he was coming home sooner and then I realized that he would be able to go to the U2 Concert with me. Everything worked out beautifully. Eric and I traveled to Houston, Texas and we stayed at the Candlewood Suites. If you have never stayed at one they are fabulous. They are true suites and have everything you could possibly need right in the rooms including beautiful kitchens with granite counters that are fully stocked with dishes.
Anyway the trip was wonderful and our room was fabulous. I took a nap and then we got up and got ready for the concert. We ate some dinner and called a taxi to take us the the Reliant Stadium. We figured that would be easier than trying to park. The Reliant Stadium is beautiful and so BIG. Once we got inside I was shocked at how enormous the U2 360 stage was. It was really amazing and you are definitely in awe of it when you see it.
The first group out was MUSE. They are a group from England and they have done some of the Music for TWILIGHT. They were actually very good although I am not real familiar with them. They had a nice sound and I enjoyed them quite a bit. There was a 45 minute break between MUSE and U2. Then finally about 9:00 PM U2 came on and it was phenomenal. The show was so much more than I could ever have expected. They were wonderful and their set included 23 songs. Now imagine singing 23 songs inside a 2 hour period. I do not think I could do it and those guys had to be worn out. They put on a unbelievable show. They never slowed down in anyway. They sang and moved about and made sure that the entire audience was involved in the show.
Bono was as always absolutely wonderful and he manage to make sure that he let the Humanitarian side of him reach out to all of us. He is a good man, filled with compassion and he always makes sure that people are aware of important issues. When U2 plays you can feel the love and beauty in all things but you can also feel the pain and sorrow of suffering but always this is revealed to you with one message and that is the message of HOPE.
U2 was in a word "PHENOMENAL" and I still can not hardly believe I actually got to see them. It was a fabulous evening with my beautiful husband and the guys that are U2. Thank you Bono, The Edge, Larry and Adam. I love you guys.

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