Monday, March 5, 2018



I purchased an inexpensive dreamcatcher and I redesigned it.  It was beige and lacked color.  I removed everything from it and added strips of fabric, vintage seam binding ribbon, and lace. 

Then I made two matching flowers and added a metal bird embellishment along with a rhinestone crown button.  I topped it off with a matching bow and now it fits nicely into our decor.  

Do you ever buy things and redesign them to fit into your decor?  I many times find that I know what I want things to look like and I see them for what they could be.  Dreamcatchers are really in style right now and you can find them everywhere.  If you can't find one to match your decor buy an inexpensive one and redesign it.  

Just have fun,

Tea Cottage Pretties

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