Friday, November 27, 2015

#5 A Few of My Favorite Things - Dresses

#5 A Few of My Favorite Things


Anyone who knows me knows that I adore dresses.  I particularly love vintage 1950's styled dresses.  So this year I have added a few to my closet and yes I wear them.  

The first one I am sharing is my favorite.  It is a silky dark blue dress with flocked lace at the top.  It features 4 layers under the full circle skirt bottom.  It fits me beautifully and it is hands down my favorite. 


Here are a few more of my favorites.

This is a lovely ivory colored dress with lots of layers and details.  The only reason it is not my favorite is because it is a little tight and I don't wear it as well as I do my blue one.  

and last...

This is a beautiful blush pink dress.  This one is lace with silver threads in it and lots of layers as well. 

Dresses just one of my favorite things...

Tis The Season,

Tea Cottage Pretties


  1. What stunning vintage appropriate frocks! I'm struck by how well the cream one could work, if one wanted, as a wedding dress. I love them all, but think that the pink lace charmer wins it for me, simply because dusty rose is my favourite hue of all time. Thank you for sharing some of the most breathtaking dresses in your closet with us, dear Beverly.

    Happiest tail end of November wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you Jessica, I do love my dresses and I am excited for the new year to see what might end up in my closet next. The cream one would be perfect for a wedding dress. Matter of fact I read some of the reviews and it seems that is exactly what others bought the dress for. It is a Collective dress and is it ever pretty. I had fun playing with my dress and taking these photos. I just love the retro designed dresses that are becoming more readily available to us girls. Hugs, Beverly

  2. Oh wow! I can just see you in each one! The blue is stunning! But then, well, so is that pink! And the cream, oh how lovely! I wish I could wear things that style! Love them all!

    1. Thank you Dear Doni, they are all very pretty retro styled dresses and I had so much fun playing with them for this post. The blue really is my favorite but you know it's now just what it looks like but how it fits. This girl really loves dresses you know. Hugs, Beverly


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