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My Sweetheart Ball Gown
Some Cigar Boxes

We have a Formal Ball to go to on February 13th, it is our Sweetheart Ball.  I have found it is easier for me to search for a gown online, have them sent to me and try them on at home.  So I found four dresses that I liked and after trying them all on I choose a navy blue dress form Nordstroms.  

Here is my dress that I will be wearing to the ball.  The photo does not do it justice.  The lace is so very pretty and the dress is well constructed and so lovely.  I plan to wear it with champagne colored shoes and wrap.  I will be carrying a vintage navy bag.  The dress moves so beautifully when you walk and it drapes when you are seated.  So very pretty and ladylike. 

I have everything except my wrap and I am still looking but I am leaning towards a champagne colored wrap in a silk.  Here is one that I love to pieces and it matches the fabric under the lace on the top of the dress.   What do you think?

Update:  I meant to add these photos before anyone saw this post and I just could not get around to it, so better late than never.  Here are my shoes, handbag and some of the jewelry I plan to wear. 

The bag is a vintage pleated navy blue bag with a silk lining and a matching coin purse inside.  It is in mint condition.  I am so tickled to finally be able to put it to use.  

The shoes are by Unlisted.  I have a thing for Unlisted shoes specially if they are designed by Kenneth Cole.  

My Jewelry

My jewelry is all vintage.  The brooch is actually the oldest items here and it is one of my favorite things.  It is gold and has beautiful pearls and sapphires on it.  The bracelet and earrings almost match perfectly but they are not a set.  They are also some of my favorite pieces.  I love pearl and sapphires.  I plan on wearing a pearl necklace because the dress just screams for understated pieces. 

I am almost ready for the ball but right now I have been super busy.  I haven't had much time to do any crafting this past week because we have been cleaning out closets and our garage.  We donated 36 - 33 gallon bags of clothes, toys and housewares to charity.  I am so very happy with our progress thus far.  We have to purge the house so that we can put it up for sale and hopefully move to Korea in July.  Excited and hopeful at the same time and a lot overwhelmed but taking it one day at a time. 

While we were cleaning out the garage, we found some wooden cigar boxes that I had forgotten about.  I brought them inside the house and I plan to redecorate them and use them.  They are beautifully made and each box has a cedar lining.  

Here are my boxes

Cedar Lining

I will work on these beautiful boxes this week and share the process and the finished product with you all here on my blog. I am thinking decoupage and French influences.  So excited and can't wait to share. 

I want to extend a warm welcome to my new followers and send out a special thank you to Wilma at 

Shabby Royale

 I have had lots of new visitors this weekend thanks to my friend Wilma.  

See you when my boxes are all decorated and ready to share. 

Hugs, Beverly

Tea Cottage Pretties


  1. Replies
    1. Aww thank you ever so kindly. I am so excited. I hope we get some good photos during the ball to share with everyone. We will be staying away form home so I am not sure when or how we will be able to grab others to snap a few photos. Hugs, Beverly

  2. Aww thank you ever so kindly. I am so excited. I hope we get some good photos during the ball to share with everyone. We will be staying away form home so I am not sure when or how we will be able to grab others to snap a few photos. Hugs, Beverly

  3. Hi Beverly,
    I found your blog by visiting Wilma at Shabby Royale. My name is Diane and I am from Massachusetts. I just love the dress you have chosen for the ball. It is gorgeous and I love the flowing effect of the handkerchief hemline. So feminine. I think the wrap is beautiful...hope you can purchase it. I will follow your blog and hope that you will follow me back. Love your blog. Hope to hear from you. Blessings to you. Diane@babiesbridesandlavender

    1. Hello Diane, it is a pleasure to meet you and to have you follow my blog. I am on my way to visit you and to follow you. Thank you so much and welcome. Hugs, Beverly

  4. Hi Beverly! That dress! I can't wait to see it on you! It looks like it is a perfect pick for your beauty-loving self. And I hope you can find the wrap as well, it would be perfect for the outfit!
    And I hope you are able to sell your house quickly. All that work!
    Also love the silverware pockets you made! I'm sorry I missed that post when it was new.
    Hope you are feeling fine. We are doing well. Trying to keep up with the house after not doing much last week.

    1. Hello Doni, thank you so much. I am worried about selling the house but I am trying not to stress to much about it. It is a lot of work to get things cleaned out and purge the house of our accumulation over the last ten years. The Ball will be a nice distraction from all the things ahead of us. Luckily I have been feeling well the past few weeks, so I am doing as much as I can while I feel good. Hugs, Beverly

  5. Hello Beverly,
    Your dress is so beautiful and yes I love the wrap to go with it !! Hope you will have a wonderful time !
    I thank you so much too, dear Beverly, I'm happy for you. Love it, how we can share each others blogs and posts :).

    Blessings and Hugs,

    1. Thank you Wilma, hope you have a wonderful week. Hugs, Beverly

  6. Beverly,
    I love your dress! We are going to a sweethearts Ball, but I had not thought of a fancy dress for me! I have been looking for dresses online for our youngest daughter for prom and have found some fantastic ones for her. She looks so cut and I definitely feel less than cute! LOL But I do deserve a pretty fancy dress!
    Isn't Wilma the best? I love her and her blog! I eed to check her post about YOUR post!

    1. Hello Mom E, it is super nice to meet ya! Yes Wilma is sweet. I think my visitors from her blog came form me commenting on her beautiful post. Just know that I had quite a few visitors stop by that said they saw my icon on her page. I just wanted to give her a shout out to say thank you.

      We are actually looking for a dress for my daughter for her Senior Prom! We haven't decided on one yet but we are looking. I have several formal dresses but I wanted something new this time around and yes a girl always deserves a fancy dress. <3 Hope you find something perfect for your night as well as your daughter's big night. Have fun at your ball and big hugs, Beverly

  7. I don't know much about these dresses but they look Beautiful! And I know you'll look gorgeous in them :)

  8. Aww thank you ever so kindly Sarah for the nice compliment and for visiting me here at Tea Cottage Pretties. Hugs, Beverly

  9. Immensely pretty, elegant frock. I love the soft, airy layers countered by the dark hue. So classy and completely beguiling!

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you Dear Jessica, hope you are doing well. I am excited about the ball however, something has come up and we may not be able to go. Crossing my fingers that all goes well and we can attend. I am on my way to visit you, sorry I have been missing in action. Life sometimes just gets away from us. We have been trying to purge our home and get ready for our possible move to Korea. Excited, overworked and overwhelmed....that's me. Gentle Hugs, Beverly


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